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Strawberry Picking 2014

Monday was our annual strawberry picking at Bjornstad Farms. I tried to explain to my children I didn’t want them to pick too many. Unfortunately, their buckets were bigger than my ambition and we ended up with over 50 pounds. I did not want to make jam. Not because I don’t totally love homemade freezer jam, but because I am still feeling overwhelmed and like I haven’t found my summer groove.

Guess what I did yesterday? Um-hm…I made jam.

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I might have had a child so grumpy he refused to get  out of the van. Apollo might have cried and whined to leave. I might have done more picture-taking than strawberry picking. But you now what? I definitely made some fun memories with my children.




  1. Erin

    If you freeze some strawberries you can add them to milk and mix them up with a blender to get a frappe consistency. No need to add anything else, although we sometimes add a dash of vanilla.

  2. Liz

    Curious how much a lb there. We picked 45 lbs. I feel like a rock star picker as my 8 yr old just say there. My 6 yr old did ok. My 3 year old and I were the anchors as Brad had to keep an eye on Eli 2 years as our place is up against the parking lot. I put them all in orange t shirts.

    Ours were $1.78 a lb. Our kids love to give them away. Lol. So we made deliveries and then made my way through the 4 boxes. As the other poster mentioned we freeze them in quart freezer bags whole for smoothies, refrigerator oats and shortcake 😉

    Next up here in Michigan is cherry picking. I hate putting them I use a hard plastic straw. Works great !

  3. Melpub

    How well I remember strawberry picking in Bavaria with my firstborn when he was two. The German word for strawberry is “Erdberre” which means “earthberries” but they are grown surrounded by straw. We picked bucket after bucket; I made tarts and refrigerated the rest; the kid woke up in the middle of the night, sat bolt-upright and yelled in his sleep, “NO! I want to give the strawberries to Daddy,” apparently because he dreamed I’d used them all to make pies.

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