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Summer Schoolin’

school, homeschool, boy in tree, boy reading in treeschool, homeschool, boy in tree, boy reading in treeschool, homeschool, boy in tree, boy reading in treeYou might be  homeschooler if this is how you do your math. And if you happen to be my homeschooler, you’ll likely be  doing plenty of school this summer. Between my trip to New Zealand, hospital and doctor’s visits for Apollo and planning a wedding, we’ve fallen behind. I really hate doing school work in the summer, but this year it seems rather inevitable. We won’t be doing it five days a week, but several days a week for sure. We won’t be skipping trips to the beach to do math, but you can bet on rainy days we’ll be holed up hitting the books.

This summer I plan to focus on writing for the kids as well. I plan to buy them each a journal  and we’ll write about our adventures. A little geography with maps and good books. More read alouds, a few math drills. All sprinkled in between summertime adventures.

How about you? Will you do any school work or learning this summer? If your kids go to school, do you do any supplementing over summer vacation?

And speaking of homeschooling, this just might happen if you leave your Kodak PIXPRO Action Cam unattended…




  1. Melpub

    I read out loud to them a lot. That’s it, though. But the oldest now has his own blog! Writes about the news and his opinions. Maybe your kids would also enjoy having their own blogs. . .

  2. Robyn

    We are homeschooling our 7 year old. His 5 year old brother will start public school in September. (They’re very different people — homeschooling definitely suits the older one, while the younger one seems to thrive in a classroom with lots of other kids). We are just continuing our homeschool schedule throughout the summer, except for two weeks when we’re traveling. It’s still pretty laid back at this age, which helps. Both boys do math every day (Miquon curriculum), we read history and science together, and build models or do snap circuits. The 7 year old reads a ton on his own and we read stories out loud at naptime and bedtime. Like you, we also need to focus on writing, the main area where we lag right now, but may start that focus in the fall.

  3. Frances

    My kids go to school during the year. Every summer we do a challenge project. It involves some variation of daily reading with a mix of writing, math and music thrown in on a rotating basis. If they complete enough days to reach the required number of points by the end of summer they get a prize. It keeps their heads focused a little and the prizes makes it fun.

  4. northofdelaware

    We began yesterday. June 9th seems like an odd time to start I guess, but my almost three year old has been SO eager to learn more about letters and language that I set up her learning space and we began with the language component of the Montessori curriculum. She’s loving it, and I enjoy being able to engage her excitement and enthusiasm. Of course, at this age “school time” lasts about 30 minutes.

    Her little brother is due to make his appearance in 10 weeks, with an induction likely 8 weeks from now so I’m sure there will be a break later in the summer, but for now we’ll enjoy ourselves.

  5. jessilee

    My kids go to public school but we do ‘fill in’ since the schools do a bang up job. We’ll do journals and some math and luckily they all read for fun, so that isn’t something I have to actively monitor.
    We also go to find historic sites and squeeze in some history ;-)

  6. Veronica

    Here in NC, the summers are icky. We tend to do school through summer and winter, taking of larger chunks of time in the spring and fall, when we spend most of our time outdoors! Just one little benefit of homeschooling :)

  7. Liz

    We also homeschool year round. Like the previous poster my oldest is 8 and we are pretty laid back. Not quite unschooling but headed that route. We do a bit of math every day with 8 year old and reading. They both asked to start spelling so we do about 5 min of “spelling you see” with the 8 year old and 6 year old.
    My daughter loves to draw and write and continues to do so. They both enter the writing contest each month dictated to me through a homeschooling magazine. My 6 year old and 3 year old won last month!

    We read a lot to our kids. My son is a very reluctant reader. He will however sit with a ” handyman ” or ” This Old House ” magazine. He is doing fine. My daughter who is 6 loves American Girl books and will read a few paragraphs ahead of read aloud.

    Really the only difference is we aren’t moving through a math curric or attending our enrichment classes

  8. Traci

    This is the first time we will be schooling through the summer. We moved this spring and lost a lot of time! But like you, we won’t skip outings or fun!

  9. Sarah

    During the summer we like to encourage the concept of life long learning rather than school work. For us this summer this means all of us finding time to read each day, doing a family Bible study (Precept), some math (Khan Math) and improving typing skills (Dance Type Mat).

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