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Sunday Morning Sillies

I only hope your breakfast was as exciting as mine…



  1. Robyn

    So fun to see Mordecai and Avi! Everyone looks really happy. (And our breakfast was pretty exciting too, even though we only had 4 kids — two of ours, two of friends’!)

  2. Victoria

    Whoa so awesome to see Apollo with an empty bowl, swinging spoon, AND big smile! Bring on more of that. And I know that there is much much more going on, so it also brings to mind what Rich Nathan said at New Wine 2010 (UK) when he preached about Proverbs…it has become a personal motto of ours “One step, two step”

    Looking forward to seeing and hearing step 2….and 3….!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Victoria- Yup, and the best part was, he was actually eating that oatmeal and not just playing. It is beyond thrilling to see him eat with gusto. I can’t wait until he is off the non-fat diet and on to “real” food.

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