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Houston, Hospitals and Haircuts

It’s unlikely he’ll ever be a pro football player…but with that much cute who needs the NFL?

Three and a half weeks post-surgery. Apollo is doing great physically; he’s active and seems to be healing well. His breathing is quiet and his choking is very infrequent (but occasionally present). He is displaying none of the anxiety he had after his first double aortic arch division.

His doctor gave the okay to quit giving the formula all together since he’s clearly not tolerating it. Instead we are blending a variety of fat-free foods in our Blendtec and adding medium chain triglyceride oil prescribed by the doctor.

The heat and humidity in Houston did wonders for his curly hair!

There are so many  thoughts and memories swirling around in my head from our time in  Houston. I wish I could have recorded them daily while I was there…I need to write them out in some form. Partially because it helps me process the experience and partially because I don’t want to forget….

For now I’ll just share a few antidotes.

Apollo was vomiting frequently in the hospital and once we were past the first few days and he was wanting to be up and active I dressed him in his own clothes instead of a hospital gown. To tell you the truth, it never crossed my mind to put him in one. It just seemed like he’d be so much more comfortable in his own things. Anyway, every time I’d have to change him he’d  be fine until I began to put the new clothes on. Then he’d start to scream, “No, I don’t want to be like the nurses!” over and over. Sometimes I couldn’t even calm him down enough to dress him. I have no idea what he meant by that…I assure you, everyone was dressed in the hospital, not just the nurses. He has carried this on here at home and I can still barely dress him…He never complains when the clothes are on, it’s just getting them on…

It was so sad….after the first few days in the hospital every time someone would walk into the room Apollo would tense up and say, “What is she going to do to me?” over and over. It was heart breaking. Such a confusing experience for such a little guy.

Our biggest issue right now is Apollo adjusting to real life. After all, he just had his Mama twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. All to himself. I was there when he went to sleep and there when I woke up. I fed him every meal. We slept wrapped in each others arms. I had no meals to prepare or house to clean. I was available all day to be with him. He’s a mama’s boy to start with and now he doesn’t want to share me. Or have me be out of his sight. Who can blame him, right?

Which reminds me. I got my hair cut this afternoon. Short. And Apollo doesn’t like it. In fact he cried when he saw it and said, “Why did you do that?” I told him I needed to get it cut and went to Great Clips where the lady cut it for me. “What is her name? What is her name?” he kept asking. When I said I didn’t know he turned to Chuck and said, “Daddy, what is the name of the lady who cut Mama’s hair?” Then he sat with his little lip trembling, barely able to look at me.



  1. Aaron Stevens

    Oh that boy is hilarious hahaha, you could write a book of all the funny things he says and does. but what makes it funnier is he says it all with such seriousness 🙂
    I also can’t imagine what he has gone through in his short life, that would be rather confusing for him.

    The photo’s are great to look at, the photo’s of Apollo & Tilly are so sweet and cute

    And yes that will be an issue, trying to get back to real life, after as you said, him having you for those 3 weeks, but so thankful that he is doing well after surgery, just like his healing body, everything will take time,

  2. Kylie

    We’ve recent stints in campsites and hotel rooms where my darling children were always within six feet of me cause there was no choice. Now, back at home, they can’t seem to tolerate me being too far away. :-/
    Still praying for Apollo. And all of you.

  3. Melissa Knox-Raab

    Aw, he is adorable. But he’s right! I think haircuts are things women should not get. Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow . . . .

    • Megan

      Why? I’m sure shorter hair is easier to care for, and Renee is busy focusing on her children right now, so less hair is just one less this to deal with. Long hair is lovely, but not always sensible! 🙂

  4. Peg

    I hate to give advice when it’s not been asked but on the clothing issue, maybe Apollo is tired of feeling ‘pushed around’. He might feel he has no control over his body and this is his way of protesting. If he is given a choice of shirts and pants to put on and if he dresses himself, he might stop fighting.
    I’m glad his surgery went well and that you all are home safe and sound. He’s still in my prayers everyday.

  5. Jo

    I find it interesting that he minded your hair cut. Glad he is not having anxiety this time, that is one thing my children and I prayed for nightly after me reminding them how much he suffered after the first time. we prayed that pain control would be easier and that he would be less anxious. I am glad that both were more successful, though I know he still really suffered from the pain. I am amused about the hair cut issues…not to laugh at a poor baby who is upset, but it strikes me as funny. Sort of reminds of the time someone was mean to me, and my mom made me laugh by acting like she would go “fix her up” and said, what is her social security number. it made me laugh a lot but I know this isnt funny.

  6. Carolynn

    I could just come over and see it, but I’m sure you don’t want what’s been going around here so please post a photo of your hair! I bet it looks great! When Sean shaved his mustache I was overjoyed, but Ruby wouldn’t even look at him!

  7. Helen

    I was just wondering if when Apollo says he doesn’t want to be like the nurses, he means when he may have seen them gown up in the OR, just before he went under. Maybe that’s the last thing he remembers before waking up in pain after the operation, and associates it with going through an operation. Just a thought. Blessings on you all.

  8. Kelly

    So glad to hear that Apollo is doing better! I got chills & smiled/teared up reading that you slept in each other’s arms! With a large family myself, I know that one-on-one time is very minimal! God bless you all <3

  9. Nicole

    I know what you mean about writing it all down. I still haven’t and still keep telling myself that I need to.

    So…….WHERE is the pic of your new look????

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