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Sunshine, Baseball, and Visits to the Lake

Dust stirred up as boy catches baseball. PNW photographer.

This will come as no surprise to you, but it has to be said. I don’t think we are going to produce any pro sports players in our home. Which is okay, since sports aren’t our thing. Not playing organized sports, however, doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy tossing a ball around and playing games.

Apollo catches the ball in the sand.

Last week the temperatures crept up into the upper 70’s and even low 80’s. Here in the Pacific Northwest, everyone heads outdoors when the sun shines, so we even took ABA to the lake one afternoon.

Apollo catching a baseball at the lake. PNW kids.
Playing catch at Bellingham park. Bellingham photographer.
Action shots of Apollo catching baseball. PNW photographer.
Tucker works on his tan.

Tucker takes his tanning seriously. Thankfully, even with a blonde-haired blue-eyed husband, my kids tan easily and rarely burn.

Tossing the frisbee around in the sun.
Playing frisbee at the park. PNW family life.

Mordecai is naturally athletic. He is strong and muscular and easily picks up on any sport he plays. Despite this, he has never had an interest in organized sports, but loves to play with his siblings.

Playing frisbee at the park. PNW family life.

Can we all just agree that life is better in the sunshine?


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