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Last night was our Bon Voyage party. We picked our tickets on Sunday, and yesterday we all got names of actual Titanic passengers or crew members. We invited my parents and grandma to come along ,and they were given names as well.The premise of the evening was dinner at the Captain’s table (for first class passengers only- with the exception of certain one and two year olds who need supervision at the table 🙂  My dad was Captain Smith and played the part  wonderfully, answering our questions about icebergs. When asked about the ice warnings and whether or not we would slow down, he said, “No. We don’t need to worry about icebergs. Even if we hit one, we’d never feel it in this ship.”

This is third class passenger, Viktor Larson, no doubt immigrating to America.

These are first class passengers Caroline and Lily Bonnell, enjoying their dinner at the captain’s table.

Our two firemen, William Small and John Priest ate dinner at their own  table. Did you notice the coal on William Small’s face? His shift must just have ended.

Our third class passengers, Anna Peter, Sarah Roth, and Viktor Larson, ate their own table.

Chuck (first class Steward) and I (cook), served everyone according to class: Captain first, then first class passengers, then second, then crew, and after they had all been served, we allowed the third class passengers to go get their own food.

My husband worked a full day operating heavy equipment, then came home, showered and dressed in this, and helped serve everyone at dinner last night, all for the sake of staying in his character, R. Allan, and bringing delight to his  children. How many men would do that?

And finally, sending out flares. My dad brought this plastic gun thingy, that shot out confetti. What a fun finale to our evening!


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