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A Trip to Edaleen Dairy

Edaleen Dairy Lynden, WA

Who doesn’t love ice cream? My friend Kylie, from Australia, that’s who. This woman does not like: coffee, ice cream or chocolate. For all I know, she eats seafood and mushrooms too. *shudder* Yet we’re still friends. That right there should prove how open-minded and tolerant I am.

Edaleen Dairy Lynden, WA

She does have cute kids…and that earns her a few dozen Bonus Points right there. I actually had to explain the concept of Bonus Points to Kylie’s girls. They listened with rapt attention as I handed out Bonus Points to my own children:  3 points for doing their chores, 5 points for helping others. 17 points for bringing me coffee. Tilly explained that once they reached 100 points I double their allowance (and since their allowance is $0, this works in my favor). I think the girls were completely sold, until they saw my children losing points for things like socks left on the floor and listening to Taylor Swift.Edaleen Dairy Lynden, WA

The last day Kylie was here with her kids, we took them to Edaleen Dairy in Lynden. I love to support local businesses when I get the chance and I also love to purchase $0.75 ice cream cones. It’s win-win.Edaleen Dairy Lynden, WA

Edaleen Dairy Lynden, WA

I would like to personally thank you Carolynn for introducing my children to the concept of buying extra scoops of ice cream with their own money. That made my trip to Edaleen Dairy all that more…special. Since there is nothing complicated about ordering ice cream for eight or nine kids, I was hoping for a bit of excitement.Edaleen Dairy Lynden, WAEdaleen Dairy Lynden, WAEdaleen Dairy Lynden, WAEdaleen Dairy Lynden, WA

Apollo actually ate a fair amount of ice cream. Not his whole scoop by any means, but last time we came here he had two or three licks and then was finished.Edaleen Dairy Lynden, WA

Edaleen Dairy Lynden, WA

Edaleen Dairy Lynden, WAEdaleen Dairy Lynden, WA

One of those is mine…mocha chip. Not bad at all, but not as good as our Mocha Pretzel Ice Cream either!Edaleen Dairy Lynden, WADespite it all, Kylie chose this Coke can. Amazing. She can spend a week with my family and still consider me a Star. Or friend. Or something like that.




    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      The Bonus Points are a total joke. I *do* often give and take away Bonus Points, but the kids just roll their eyes and move on 😉

      • Laura

        My mom uses writing us out of their will in the same way. (My siblings and I are all adults and have kids of our own, btw.) We have an informal competition to see who has been written out the fewest number of times. The older grandkids (teenagers) are starting to get in on the act too.

    • Liz

      I read this on my iPhone on a walk and thought the exact same thing…how in the world does she keep track. Then the coffee part made me think if their was really doubling of the allowance going on you would get 100 cups a day…not a bad thing I…do your kids get an allowance?

      • Liz

        I need to get one of those one day.I just can’t see it on the countertops with the little boys still climbing on them. Maybe in my bedroom…I have my son making starbucks VIA for me. Yes “practical life skills”. I mean if a kid can’t make you a latte than why bother having kids..LOL..totally joking!

  1. Emily G

    Hey, I like it all: seafood, mushrooms (how could you not love mushrooms???), chocolate, coffee and ice cream! In fact, a meal containing all of the above sounds just about perfect to me. I’m open-minded and open-mouthed as far as most foods are concerned…except snails.
    That ice cream looks so delicious! Now I’m hungry.

  2. Carrie

    My husband and I earn points when a kid tells us they don’t like us, or something along those lines. Some days, making it a “game” for us is worth it.

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