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Apollo {14 Months}

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Apollo (14 months) and Judah (14 years)

Time for a little update on Apollo…Over the years this blog has become the place where I record our lives and I need to take a few moments to write about Apollo as he is right now. Before I forget. And until it makes it into his scrapbook.

Words he can say: mama, dada, ball, book, shoe, bye-bye, nigh-nigh, star, wa-wa (water), ice (for ice cream), outside, hair, Avi, Hezzy and book.

Words he can sign: more, star, potty, eat, nurse (milk), 

Body parts he knows: nose, mouth, teeth, hair, ears, feet, fingers, belly and diaper.

Animal sounds he knows: dog, cow, cat, owl, fish (makes fishy lips)

Apollo also has a very distinct way of saying cat. He clicks his tongue and does the sign for nurse with both hands…I have no idea why. When he wants to nurse he doesn’t click his tongue and he only uses one hand.

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Apollo is obsessed with the book One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. He wants the first ten or so pages read to him and you have to point to each item just right…when you get to the “some are sad and some are glad” he does a fake cry the entire time you are on the page. When you get to “bump, bump, bump did you ever ride a wump?” you have to bump him. When you get to “my name is Ned I do not like my little bed” he says nigh-nigh and pretends to sleep. And on and on and on. Heaven forbid you make the wrong sound, forget something or turn the page before he is finished.

IMG_1916_7405 blog

Here he is on the page “this one has a little star” and he’s pointing to his “little star” aka belly button.

Apollo is also obsessed with my iPhone. He knows there are photos on there and wants to look at them. Like his books, he has to act out Every. Single. Photo. in a particular way. There’s a photo of him nursing, so he has to do the sign and pretend to nurse. There’s a photo of Judah leaving for Bowron Lakes, so he says bye-bye. There is a picture of him at Starbucks and he has to point to his feet and say “shoe”. Interestingly, the day that picture was taken is the first time he wore those particular shoes! Yesterday, for the first time I showed him the photos of him in the hospital (taken with my phone). Enoch was sitting next to me on the couch and when I got to a picture of Chuck sitting in chair rocking him he climbed onto Enoch’s lap, positioned himself facing out (just like in the photo with Chuck) and began to fake cry. When I got to a picture of him sitting in the crib in the hospital, he started frantically grabbing at his arms and crying…four months later he remembers the IV in his arm!

Apollo has always been intense and his communication is no different. When he was less verbal he would get right in your face and make such intense eye contact you couldn’t ignore him. His new way of communicating grabbing your hand and dragging you where ever he wants you go. Often he’ll drag someone to the freezer and point. Once it’s opened he’ll point to his (coconut) ice cream and say ice. Too bad he doesn’t actually eat it. If he wants to go outside, he’ll drag you to the door.

Last night he dragged Enoch to a little chair in our living room, looked at him, signed “more” and pointed to the chair….earlier that afternoon we had given him Veggie Booty on the chair and that’s what he wanted! Later he dragged Enoch to our living room shelf, then sat down in front of the display of LEGO and stared at him expectantly…he wanted Enoch to sit and  play LEGO with him. 

As far as general health, he is doing very well. He actually has days where he breathing isn’t audible! He is eating better than he ever has. I can see that he has put on weight in his thighs, though every rib is still clearly visible. He is finally outgrowing his 6-12 month clothes (in height, not girth) so we celebrated by buying  him new clothes 🙂 Eating is still a struggle, but certainly better than it was a few months ago. He has an appointment September 27 to see a feeding therapist down at Children’s. They will watch him eat and evaluate him. I am supposed to take a food he will normally eat and a food he won’t eat- that would be anything in a spoon.  No doubt since it’s Apollo though, he’ll eat just fine  the day he’s down there.

In other news…

I’ve been making my  way through the blogs left in the comments in by Five Years of Blogging post and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve been leaving comments when I can, so you know I’ve been there.

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  1. Karalyn

    Hi! I am very new to your blog so I don’t know if this has been mentioned before by you or a commenter but I am wondering if laryngomalacia has ever been mentioned in regards to Apollo’s breathing and weight? I have a friend who is dealing something similar with her child.

  2. Heather B

    His reading and photos requirements crack me up! I’m so happy to hear he’s growing! woo hoo! My boys have no health issues or eating problems and they have never once grown out of a size due to girth always to height. Luckily they sell adjustable waist pants so we can cinch them up!

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