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Body of Evidence {Product Review}

Review of the Body of Evidence science curriculum.

My oldest three students, Iris (15), Judah (14), and Tilly (13) are all taking Biology this year so I jumped at the chance to review a DVD from the Body of Evidence series for Timberdoodle.

Here is Iris’s perspective:

It was pretty interesting, and I could remember some stuff better after we watched it, but it would have been nice if it highlighted or circled, or did something to show exactly what they were talking about in the pictures, rather than just having it numbered. But overall it was like I said, pretty interesting, and a fun way to learn about the body. 


As far as my mom/teacher’s perspective, I thought this was great. Dr. Menton is talking to two students and showing them photos and slides on a laptop. Since my children are studying Biology through a textbook I felt this was a great supplement to their learning. When teaching science it is hard to beat having photos to look at when describing tissues, cells, blood, etc.

The DVD’s come with a study guide. I didn’t realize until after we had watched the DVD that I should have given each student copies so they could read the questions ahead of time and follow along. We only watched the section on cells, because that is what we are studying right now. I will make copies and be better prepared when we watch the lecture on tissues.

The only one of my three who didn’t like it was Judah. He said it covered everything that was already in his chapter- which is true, but both girls felt that hearing the lecture and seeing the photos reinforced their learning. But I have to say, Judah has a nearly photographic memory for recalling facts he’s read, so he is not a good gauge.

The video is a bit cheesy, but that shouldn’t affect learning.

Overall I think the price of $14.99 per DVD or $99.95 for the entire set is completely reasonable. I am considering purchasing the set for my students. Not only can Iris, Judah and Tilly use them but I will then have them when my younger children are ready for Biology.

I received a free copy of Cells and Tissue in exchange for a review of this product. I have not been compensated in any other way.


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  1. joabair

    I am glad to hear that your kids liked it. My son had the same take as Judah I guess, and my daughter doesnt like it. We bought the whole set from Timberdoodle. I would say my kids are too young but they never are for sci/hist things above grade level. They say they are not as interesting as they hoped, they wanted more “guts…” I love Timberdoodle, we are using Apologia Anatomy and Physiology this year from them as well.

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