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Apollo Just Doesn’t Do Status Quo…

IMG_4501_1386 blog

It's true. I can't think of one thing Apollo has done in, ahem, average baby-style.

His newest accomplishment? Tooth number 2 had made its appearance…on the top instead of the bottom! Silly baby, apparently he's never read all those baby development books…


  1. JCF

    Funny! My oldest got his first two teeth on the top as well. They were not the middle teeth either, they were the incisors (I think that’s what they’re called–the next ones over from the middle?). Anyway, he looked like a baby vampire for a few months before he got a few more teeth!

  2. Tasha

    Has he been getting runny noses to go along with his teeth? Eliana got a runny/clogged nose a week before the first two came. She is runny/clogged again this weekend, so I am wondering if another tooth or two are on the way.

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