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At the Library

Hauling My Camera to the Library

While I’m really good at taking photos of our adventures at the beach, hiking and around the house, I’m not so good at taking my camera out to document our daily life; mainly because I feel self-concious carrying my big ole camera around. But  I have an amazing talented friend, Jennifer, who does take her camera out and about with her and I have been so inspired by her photos that I have determined to take my big girl camera out with me more often.

Paying for parking at the libraryApollo explores the books at the libraryApollo reaches for a DVD at the libraryApollo loves visiting the library Hezekiah checking out books at the library Tucker scans books at the library Library day in our homeschool20140314_7902 blog Apollo examines his library card 20140314_7914 blog20140314_7867 blog copy20140314_7920 blog 20140314_7928 blog 20140314_7935 blog 20140314_7952 blog

Not perfect, but I am so happy to have captured this very ordinary day at the library.

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  1. Ann Bowen

    It makes me so happy to see kids at the library. I loved the one we had upstairs in the old city hall in the village I lived in, in Wisconsin. The smell of binding tape, the sun streaming in the windows. It made my life so much bigger.
    I’ve passed that on to my son, who now works for the Los Angeles County Library system in a brand new library in our little corner of the county. He says it’s his dream job. Who am I to stand in his way?
    Enjoy these wonderful days of spring!

  2. Sharon Sommerville

    These pictures are fantastic Renee! I love ‘normal’ photos. I desperately need to take more photos with my big girl camera. It’s become far too easy to just use my phone to snap pics here and there. I recently downloaded the pics off my camera and found birthday photos of the same person for this year and last year :O

  3. Kris

    We love the library. Growing up my town library was tiny and had these narrow stairs to go to the kid section in the basement level. I always loved it.

  4. Davene Grace

    What a great idea! You’ve inspired me; I think I’ll take my camera along the next time we go to the library. I just wish I could take photos with the same crispness and clarity that you do – these are beautiful! Ordinary beautiful. 🙂

  5. radmama

    Awesome! With regard to the gear, I love my pocketable Ricoh GR. It’s fixed at 28mm, but that’s a fun FOV for daily life. Even more radically, I’ve officially sold my entire 5d2 kit and switched to the Fuji x system. Much less conspicuous and easier to travel with without sacrificing image quality.

  6. Gillian

    Wonderful photos. A great idea to take photos of everyday things. The sort of photos that are so interesting to look many years from now. I love looking at photos of 50 or so years ago of everyday things such as people walking in town and you can see how many things have changed in that time.

  7. Katie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of Apollo with his library card! Such a big boy! And like others, I agree, this is a great idea – capturing everyday life. Thanks for sharing!

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