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At the Seashore


Here are a few photos from Judah’s last day here. Yesterday’s blog post was long enough without adding all of these!


no photos please, tube, tube fed toddler, curly hair toddler

tube fed toddler, tubie, heart baby, curly haired toddler

Okay, maybe just one.060613_3680 blog 060613_3678 blog 060613_3674 blog

Apollo anxiously waiting for the train to go by. He was excited but a little bit scared by the noise.060613_3668 blog

060613_3689 blog 060613_3704 blog 060613_3714 blog

This is the look Apollo gave me when I told him we didn’t bring any food to the park. Not that he would eat it anyway. He took several ambitious licks of his sorbet (he’s allergic to milk) and then was finished and handed it off to sibling.

Once again this post is heavy with Apollo photos, but that’s because my teens dispersed to explore as soon as we arrived at this seaside park and I was left with only one model. 060613_3716 blog



Judah, Tilly and Enoch decided to leave a message in a bottle and toss it into the ocean. The message read: If you can read this…you can read.

Judah called from the Orlando airport and reported he arrived in Florida, safe and sound. We won’t hear from him again until he leaves for Zambia (in two weeks). Judah’s original flight was delayed due to an oil leak and Chuck was worried because he only had 50 minutes to switch planes in Georgia. Then he noticed a flight boarding for Orlando that stopped in Chicago instead of Georgia and didn’t require a plane change. Chuck talked it over with one of the airline officials and elected to put Judah on the other flight. Because of the last-minute change he arrived without his box. Teen Missions have people at the airport 24 hours a day when teens are arriving, so I’m confident he won’t be box-less for long.



  1. C Smith

    Is your stomach all tied in knots? I just sent my oldest 3 away on a four day trip 10 hours away and I have been so anxious! I planned and planned and made arrangements and then was up all night worrying until they arrived (they drove themselves). My 17 yr old plans to join the Peace Corp. I think I might have to start praying for peace now.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      It *could* be, but I don’t allow it to be. I know Judah will have a fabulous summer. The first few days can be rough. Boot Camp is not summer camp :) But he will make great friends, gain great perspective and grow as a person. He has gone on 10 day canoe adventures with the Boy Scouts. Chuck and I both treasure our two summers each with Teen Missions and Adalia loved her summer.

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