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Awkward Conversations

{Warning the following post is rated PG-13} pacific northwest hikes, hiking with kids, family hikes

Hiking with the our friends from A Time for Every Purpose.hiking, family hikes, hiking with kids, hikes in the pacific northwest hiking, family hikes, hiking with kids, hikes in the pacific northwest

Yesterday while driving around town we had the following conversation:

Child A: Mom, when Grandma had the stroke from taking birth control pills, did they every prove it?

Me: Yes.

Child B: Why was Grandma taking birth control pills?

Me: For the same reason anyone takes them, so she wouldn’t get pregnant.

Child B: Well, I know a better way not to get pregnant!

Me: Honey, she was married.

Child B: But still…I know a better way.

Me: Honey, married people have sex. It’s just something they do, among other things.


Apollo: But we don’t have sex, Mama!




  1. Rebecca

    Oh man, haha…this reminds me of a convo I just had with one of my kids.
    Them: sibling wasn’t planned, right?
    Me: not planned, but very wanted an loved.
    Them: but how could you and Dada have accidentally have done that thing? Did you fall on him?
    Me: wishing I could melt…

  2. Melissa Knox-Raab

    This is funny. I remember a story about a Dad talking to a little son who said when he grew up he would marry Mama. The Dad said, “She’s mine–when you grow up you get one of your own!” The kid liked that. We had several awkward conversations: the eleven year old still thinks we did it “three times–oh and one more for the one that didn’t make it.” When we read Charlotte’s Web the kids didn’t get upset about Charlotte’s death–the way my psychoanalyst friend who as a child had “cried for three days” thought they would–they wanted to know why that eighth egg of the goose did not hatch and were not satisfied with her explanation of “it’s a dud, I guess” and I said “sometimes this just happens” and answered “Did that ever happen to you, Mommy?” with a yes, it did–I figured they must already know or have a hunch, thought it would be a bad thing to lie about. Never was totally happy with what I did there. We had one other really awkward, funny conversation:

  3. Annie

    A friend of mine had three little girls. She was doing some early sex education with the oldest two. Later she overheard one saying to the other, “Well, we know they’ve done it at least THREE times!” We gave our friend quite a hard time about that. (“THREE times??? You’ve done it THREE times?!!!)

  4. Anna

    Haha! Little Oedipus! When my 3yo started saying things like that, Daddy kicked him out of our bed. “There’s only room for ONE alpha male here!” he said.

  5. Kara

    I love having these kind of conversations ! They are so awkward while they are happening, but so cute later.

    I have good news, Owen passed his swallow study!

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