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Boy Scout Camp: Off to Work They Go

Working at Boy Scout Camp

Ezra and Boaz are both working at (different) Boy Scout camps this summer. Ezra has already had his week of training and is working in the kitchen.

Ezra ready for Boy Scout Camp
Ezra said he is enjoying getting to know the other guys, and the work is hard. This is such a great first job opportunity for both boys. Ezra has looked into Job Corps, and decided he wants to do it, but plans on completing another year of high school first.

Boaz heading off to Boy Scout camp

First Week of Training for Boaz

Boaz just left this morning for his week of training. He will be working at the “shooting sports” part of the camp, I believe. He’s sleeping in a little cabin (no electricity) with a roommate. It will be a fun challenge for him to make new friends, listen carefully, and follow directions. Both boys struggle more with American English than Keziah (probably because she gets more practice talking!)

The boys stay at the camp from Sunday evening to Saturday afternoon for five weeks this summer! We’ll miss them, but are so proud of their effort.


  1. Ellen in Kalamazoo

    Hilton and Terry were so happy to see these pictures! Sounds like a great summer for them both – pass along the little guys’ “WOW – they look so tall!” comments, and of course best wishes!

  2. Laura in MI

    Sounds like a great opportunity for them! Renee, you are really doing a good job with them. Truly!

  3. Jo

    Have you tried something like rosetta stone to help them out with english? It may help Boaz next yr in homeschool, I am very fond of the program myself and have it in several languages. Incidently, I do not know if they have english!!! I dont need that language…Congratulations to both on the jobs, this is a great opportunity.

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