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Boys in Kilts and Writing Again

This photo was taken back in 2008. Boys in kilts. Seriously, does it get any cuter than this? To see more click over to Little Earthling Photography.

I’ve been busy. Monday I took six little ones to the dentist (more on that later). Tuesday Apollo had an appointment with his cardiologist down in Seattle. Wednesday I met with a nutritionist to discuss how to wean Apollo from his chylothorax diet. Then in the evening I met with some friends over coffee (or in my case, chai tea latte). It was good for my soul. Both of these mamas have medically challenging children. One even has more children than me!

I was supposed to do a newborn shoot this afternoon, but it’s been postponed until next week. No problem, I have plenty of things to do around here. I have been designing new marketing cards for my business which I can’t wait to share. I’ve been getting caught up on my photo books (that deserves a post of it’s own…coming soon, I hope). Oh, and laundry and meals and caring for my little (and not so little) people.

The best part? I’ve been writing again. Not grocery or to do lists, but actual writing. Once or twice a week when Apollo is napping I’ve been sitting with my laptop and writing. So much is swirling around in my head from his latest heart surgery. So many stories that just don’t get told here on the blog. Moments and conversations I don’t want to forget and ones I wish I could but instead I write an a cathartic exercise. I’m writing randomly. A memory here or there. No pressure. Just good, old writing. And it feels good.




  1. Christine

    Okay, when I saw this picture I had to laugh. The boys looked like they were being tortured to have to wear the kilts! LOL! They are so adorable though. I don’t think my boys would let me get a picture like that, but it would be fun to do. I am so glad that you are writing. And I am glad that you are getting a little bit of time to sit and drink a chai and talk. That is so good for your spirits. My prayers are with you and your dear family and especially for Apollo’s full and quick recovery and that he will be able to eat normally. God bless you all!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Christine, actually, they were trying to look “mean and tough”. Judah has always been a history buff and was really into Scottish history at the time.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      That would be awesome, but I’m pretty sure Enoch and Judah are “over” kilts…but maybe the younger ones???

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