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Boys ‘N Berries

IMG_2171_7620 blog

What do you get…

IMG_2166_7615 blog

…when you mix two testosterone driven males…

IMG_2163_7613 blog

….one mom distracted by rearraging several rooms of the house…

IMG_2122_7578 blog

…and several acres of blackberries?

IMG_2175_7624 blog

This…This is what you get.



  1. liz

    wow…do they hose off? i can’t even imagine. I love seeing all the woods on your property,,how it should be….still warm here in MI..almost 80!
    Met fellow HomeSchoolers today!!!! Yeah, my first ones!

  2. Ruth

    The girls can’t even believe that some one would do that for fun!! Kellina thinks that taking pictures of that was disgusting;) I think it was super cool!

  3. joabair

    Wow my son would envy both of them, because he so wishes he had a brother to play such “realistic” games with. He has wooden swords and fights with an imaginary brother. He loves his sister, so much, but they wish we had more so that games like this could occur! Looks like fun!

  4. Ellen

    so this is what I have to look forward to, eh?? (I have a 2.5 yo boy and another one on the way, any day now).
    Funny “boys” incident for me: on the day that we were at the hospital and found out that our second child was a boy, we REVISITED the hospital merely hours later with our first having dislocated his elbow….
    guess we are going to be VIP’s at the ER?? 😛

  5. Stephanie

    My first thought was, “oh, please don’t be poke berries.” Those things stain, even skin. Hey, at least they could eat it off if they got hungery.

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