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Charlotte and the Rock {Book Review}

Charlotte and the Rock Review.

Enjoying donuts, sunshine and friends this summer.My six-year-old son, Apollo, loves rocks. He collects them from school, from parks and our driveway. He has names for them all. He has Snowflake and Snowflake Junior and even Iron Man (because it has iron in it). He lines them up and makes them into families. I have seen him occupy himself for nearly an hour with just his rocks.

Charlotte and the Rock Review.

Because of this, you can imagine how excited I was to receive a copy of Charlotte and the Rock by Stephen W. Martin and Samantha Cotterill for review.

Charlotte and the Rock tells the charming story of a little girl who receives a very unusual birthday present…

Charlotte and the Rock Review.

…a pet rock.

Charlotte is surprised by her gift…

Charlotte and the Rock Review.

But she is also determined to make the very best of it.

Charlotte and her rock dress up together, read together and go swimming together. Charlotte even takes her pet rock on walks.

Charlotte and the Rock Review.

I don’t want to ruin the delightful surprise ending so I won’t tell you any more.

I will tell you that I love the muted colors and simple illustrations. The pictures are charming and old-fashioned. I loved Charlotte’s good attitude about a (potentially) disappointing gift.

Apollo loves the description of Charlotte and her relationship with her pet rock. This is currently one of our favorite picture books. You can find a copy at Penguin Books, Amazon or your local library.


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