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How to Host a Stress-Free Cookie Decorating Party

Tips for a Stress-Free Cookie Decorating Party

Favorite Christmas Tradition

Cookie decorating has been a tradition in our family for years. It is one of my favorites. When the kids were really small, we did it with just our family. As they got older and began homeschooling we started inviting some of our homeschool friends. Eventually, our parties got so big that we began hosting two back to back. One for the teens and a separate one for the younger kids. Our numbers are down enough that we are back to only one party a year.

Prep is the Key to a Stress-Free Cookie Decorating Party

Bake the cookies far in advance if you are hosting a cookie decorating party.

Bake the cookies ahead of time. Way ahead of time. I always use the same recipe my mom used when I was a kid, Mary’s Sugar Cookies. I leave out the almond extract, however. These cookies are quick to whip up and the baked cookies can be frozen. When the kids were little I used to cook a batch here and there as I could and freeze them until the day of the party.

This rolled sugar cookie hack will change your life!

Pro tip: This dough needs to chill in the refrigerator. Make your life much easier by rolling the dough onto sprayed plastic wrap…that way they can be cut and baked as soon as you remove them from the fridge.

Set out Toppings in Individual Containers Around the Table

Use small cups to place different toppings in.

While I try to avoid single-use containers in general, I buy these two-ounce cups with lids in bulk so the kids can take hummus, dip, salad dressing, etc to school. They also work perfectly for placing around the table during cookie decorating. This way, everyone has the decorations within easy reach. If you don’t want to buy disposable cups, these sauce cups will work as well.

Planning and prep ahead of time means you can sit back and enjoy your cookie decorating party.

Make Your Icing Ahead of Time…and Have Plenty of Options

Make your icing ahead of time for your cookie decorating party.

For this party, I made two types of frosting. I made royal icing for those people who wanted to make detailed works of and traditional buttercream for those who just wanted to frost and sprinkle.

Prep is the key to a stress-free cookie decorating party.
Snowglobe cookie

Keep the Snack Simple, But Make Sure You Have Plenty!

Keep the snacks simple but have plenty of them!

Your friends and family will most likely get hungry during cookie decorating. I like to keep things simple. We set out chips and dip, veggies, and cheese and crackers. That way anyone who was hungry could just help themselves.

Sit Back and Enjoy!

We had a great time at our annual cookie decorating party.
Cookie decorating is a favorite Christmas tradition.

Don’t forget to relax and enjoy your party. Take the time to decorate some cookies of your own.


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