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CRAMAZING: The Fine Line Between Crazy and Amazing

Everyone needs a few cramazing friends in their life...

CRAMAZING: The Fine Line Between Crazy and Amazing

Do you have any cramazing friends? You know what cramazing is, right? It’s that fine line between Crazy and Amazing.

Does that line even exist? Sometimes I wonder.

We have some pretty cramazing friends named Greg and Merriann who have six cramazing children. They have made many appearances on this blog. In fact, we’ve camped in Oregon for a week at a time with them.


They are the other half of Large Family Reviews (a website, I might add, that Greg convinced me “we” should start).

They are cramazing.

Everyone needs a few cramazing friends in their life...

So when Greg and Merriann challenged me to a Workweek Hustle on the Fitbit app a few weeks ago, it was amazing. It was very motivating to see just how many steps my friends had taken and try to outdo them (btw, I won).

And then again last week we had a Workweek Hustle. Greg and I were neck and neck (Merriann claims she forgot to wear hers one day) when Greg suggested we walk from their house to ours (or vise versa) and then have dinner.

Sounds fun, right?


We aren’t neighbors.

Ain’t No Valley Low Enough…

Let me remind you, we live in a rural area. In a valley. We have one neighbor we can see from our house (during the winter when the leaves are off the trees). Greg insisted that their house was only “about” five miles from ours (it’s 6.15 miles) and it would be a “challenge”. He also insisted (when I asked) that Merriann was up for the challenge too. Did I mention a HIGHWAY runs between our houses as well? A¬†highway we would have to cross?

So we hatched a plan. I insisted that we walk from our house to theirs because the last mile to my house is uphill (we live in a valley, remember?). The plan was to drive to Greg and Merriann’s house and bring them back to mine. We would then walk to their house, load up their kids and drive back here for a nice, cozy dinner back at our house.

Sounds fun, right?

And that, my friends, is why I can tell you it is 12,591 steps between their house and ours and that it will take 1 hour and 53 minutes to walk there.

Everyone needs a few cramazing friends in their life...

My step count that day was absolutely cramazing.

The chicken pot pie I made from scratch that morning was absolutely cramazing.

And my friends?

They’re pretty cramazing too.

{Here is an affiliate link to the Fitbit Charge 2 I use and love!}




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