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How I Rock Motherhood and Some Bad iPhone Photos

I am sure you know that I just love to share about how to rock motherhood. I really do have things all together over here. As usual.

Recently Apollo and I were at a baby shower at kind of Swanky Country Club here in our little part of the Pacific Northwest. They had a beautiful brunch buffet laid out and I help Apollo get a plate of fruit, eggs, bacon, and waffles. He was in ex-tubie┬áheaven and he carried his plate full of his favorite foods over to the kids’ table.

About twenty minutes later I glanced back just in time to see Apollo with two fists full of BACON.

No plate.

No adult help.

Just one tiny seven-year-old with a pound of bacon in his hands.

It was a moment of pride I won’t soon forget.

Nor will I forget the confession I heard from a child this morning. Excuse me, a teen this morning.

That’s right this morning one of my teens turned to me and said with a contented sigh, “You know what I just love? Eating tomato soup in the shower.”

Excuse me?

Eating what in the where?

“Tomato soup. In the shower. I took one of those stainless steel cups and a┬álid and straw. Then I got in the shower and sipped it while I took a hot shower. That way I could warm up my insides while I warmed up my outside.”

Well then.

Enoch is in the Bellingham Theater Guild’s production of My Three Angels. He auditioned for the part (without bothering to tell any of us per his usual top-secret-agent-life). It is a small part in the play but it is a big deal to be a part of the Bellingham Theater Guild and we are so proud of him. So if you’re local, be sure to take the time to see it. It is honestly the best theater production I have seen in Bellingham (and I’ve seen a lot).

So proud I took six kids to an evening performance by myself. One of those six kids is only seven and the play ended at 10 pm.

On a school night.

Yeah, that was “fun”.

You know how else I’m rocking it? I have been solo parenting for the last three weeks while Chuck has been vacationing in New Zealand. Sailing to the South Island. Lounging on the beach. And most importantly, snuggling with Percival.

But today? Today I pick him up and invite him to the real world of cold rainy weather, piles of laundry, and bickering kids.

Welcome home, honey.




  1. Angel

    Ok. When I share about your posts with my husband, I refer to you as My-Friend-Who-Does-Not-Know-Me. Then he knows who I am talking about. This post is EXACTLY why when I refer to you that way he knows exactly who I am talking about. That is soooo my life! Blessings to you!

  2. Emily

    My little boys would totally do that. Bacon? Unsupervised and unrationed by an adult? Better grab that stuff by the armload and run for it!
    I’ve never tried eating (or drinking!) in the shower, even as a teen, but that’s an interesting thought. Too bad my shower bottom isn’t insulated so it’s freezing cold in winter. I doubt the warmth of the soup would make it down to my feet…

    • bemis

      Maybe you could suggest bringing some dish soap (and maybe even some extra dirty dishes) into the shower as well, just so everything comes out squeaky clean…and warm! Of course, if it ever comes out to dinner guests that you washed the dishes in the shower, while taking a shower yourself, you *could* just chalk it up to homeschool oddness and large-family efficiency…

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