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New Zealand 2018: Chuck’s Wild Adventure

New Zealand 2018 : Chuck’s Wild Adventure

Chuck is home from his three-week adventure in New Zealand. For both logistics and safety (were the worst to happen) Chuck and I travel to New Zealand separately. We would love to go together (and will someday) but for now, solo journeys seem best.

Chuck spent the first part of his journey up north with Tilly and Jared. I was sad (due to the timing of Percy’s birth) that I wasn’t able to go check out their neck of the woods and see Tilly and Jared’s first home…but I know that there will be many, many more trips to New Zealand in my lifetime and I am so glad Chuck got to go spend time with them.

I hear it’s beautiful where they live…

Chuck got to go out fishing with Tilly, Jared, and Jared’s dad. Jared caught this fish and Tilly cooked it up for dinner. Tilly is absolutely loving her life in New Zealand. Now that she is settled in she is back to blogging. Check out The Canadian American Kiwi to see her beautiful photography and to keep up on her adventures.

Chuck was thrilled to get to finally meet Percy. At two months old, he is so much bigger and chunkier than when I was there in December.  I can’t even tell you how much I miss that little boy!

See this Ergo Ben is carrying Percy in? I anguished over spending so much money on a carrier for my last two babies (Avi and Tucker). Then four years later Apollo was born. Now now? Now, I’ve given the Ergo to Iris for Percy.

I think that was $70 well spent, what do you think?

Ben’s business, Mission Farriery, is thriving. Chuck got to tag along to his jobs one day and enjoyed watching Ben work with horses.

It wasn’t all work for Ben, though. Chuck, Ben, Iris, Percy, and Ben’s brother, Jason, took a ferry to the South Island.

When Iris and I were in New Zealand in 2013 we visited Hobbiton with Ben.  When Chuck was there Ben and Iris took him to Rivendell.

It’s good to have family in New Zealand….and even better to have my hubby back home.

Do you have family living in any desirable/exotic places? How often do visit?






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