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Hobbiton Movie Set Tourist Farm

hobbiton, hobbiton tourist farm, hobbiton new zealand, hobbiton tour

Apparently, I have left some of you hanging with my lack of Hobbiton Movie Set photos since I had one sweet reader ask about them recently. I still have several hundred photos from New Zealand that I have not yet edited. So I stayed up last night, hanging out with my teens (who have far more of a capacity than me to stay up late) and got these photos ready for the web.

hobbiton, hobbiton tourist farm, hobbiton new zealand, hobbiton tour

Ben was able to get us tickets at half price from a homeschooling group he is (was?) part of. Sweet!

Now here, I have to confess…I haven’t actually read the Lord of the Rings books. I’ve tried. Oh, how I’ve tried. The first time was when I was about thirteen years old and  I learned that Tolkien was friends with C.S Lewis. I’ve been a fan of Lewis forever. So when l learned that little tidbit, I tracked down a copy of  The Hobbit. And couldn’t make it through, as we call it in our house, the Tea Party Scene. You know, where the first third of the book is all about Bilbo Baggins in his Hobbit hole (not a dirty, nasty, wet hole)? You know.hobbiton, hobbiton tourist farm, hobbiton new zealand, hobbiton tour

I  tried again just before Apollo was born. By that time Judah had read and loved the books. But again, I couldn’t do it. Judah insisted that it gets good about a third of the way through. And now Tilly and Enoch have both read and enjoyed the books as well.  We had a Lord of the Rings party back in September, but I wasn’t here for it. Instead, I was in the hospital with Enoch as he recovered from a ruptured appendix. But I will read the books. Or at least one. I am about to start the Hobbit again, hoping that after being at Hobbiton and seeing the movie, I’ll be able to make it through. Send me good vibes, will you?hobbiton, hobbiton tourist farm, hobbiton new zealand, hobbiton tour hobbiton, hobbiton tourist farm, hobbiton new zealand, hobbiton tour, hobbiton tourist farm, hobbiton new zealand, hobbiton tour

Even having not read the books, the two-hour tour was fabulous! The Hobbit holes were amazing, the scenery amazing and the Ginger Beer in the Tavern, was interesting.hobbiton, hobbiton tourist farm, hobbiton new zealand, hobbiton tourhobbiton, hobbiton tourist farm, hobbiton new zealand, hobbiton tour

Iris and I found the Hobbit Holes perfectly cozy and comfortable. We couldn’t figure out why BEN! didn’t agree…

IMG_2174 blog IMG_2181 blog IMG_2185 blog

And a couple of Instagram photos:996685_10153622303550613_1376582925_n

Drinking Ginger Beer and Cider in The Green Dragon.1515000_10153623604580613_573451032_n

Our tour guide asked for a volunteer to jump over this fence (the exact fence Bilbo Baggins jumped over in the movie). BEN! was game of course and practically flew over the fence yelling, “I’m going on an adventure!”



  1. Maddison Wiser

    BEN! seems so lovely. The movies are something I adore, so it’s great to live vicariously through you in these photos. Being a woman with a height of 4′ 11′ I think a hobbit hole would be just perfect for me!

    Such good movies! And good luck reading the books, I’m in the same situation with Harry Potter books. Loved the movies, can’t get through the books. Maybe I’ll give it another try.


  2. Anna

    In most cases, I’ll say the book is better than the movie. But in the case of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, I just can’t get through either book. I even bought the Kindle version of The Hobbit to do as a read aloud, but even that didn’t work. I kept nodding off…much to my kids’ amusement. “Mom? Are you going to finish the sentence?”

  3. rachel marie

    I’m with you on not being able to get through the Hobbit. And I’ve given myself permission to never try again and be okay with it. BEN! and Adalia are so incredibly cute and remind me of the young, carefree, early days of love for my husband and me:) Back before life got so serious and full with caring for our family.

  4. Elizabeth

    Yay!!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for these photos! The fence picture is very fun. I’ve read all the books, but can also find parts difficult to read. Just FYI, the feel of the Hobbit and the feel of the LOTR trilogy is different. The Hobbit was written much more as a child’s all-in-good-fun type of book. The magic ring was rather inocent in the Hobbit. It was latter that Tolkein seemed to dream up the complex story found in LOTR and base it off of the world he was developing in the Hobbit. I’m not an expert, but that’s what I’ve thought from my experience with the books.

  5. Nancy

    I loved the Hobbit the first time I read it as a young teen, however when I revisited it prior to seeing the movie I found it to be a little lackluster. Of course that was written for children/young adults, so that may partially explain that. The Lord of the Rings trilogy has held up to several readings over the years. I love the struggle of good over evil and the expression of the high values/ character traits like love, sacrifice, endurance, courage, etc. I can still be moved to tears by those books!

    On a totally different topic, I seem to remember that when your kids were younger, all of them were to be in bed by a certain hour, but they could read or relax. Am I recalling that correctly? Today you mentioned that the teens have the capacity to stay up later than you, and I am curious about how the bedtime routine around your house is evolving as the kids mature.

  6. Christine @ Quilters Diary

    The Lord of the Rings trilogy is my favorite novel. It starts off very slowly, but once it gets going, it develops into a grand saga of daring, good versus evil, loyalty, and the power of self-sacrifice. It really shows the Christian virtues of mercy, kindness, and hope in the most dramatic way. I know it’s not for everybody (and there’s a terrible lack of good female characters, with the exception of Eowyn, the warrior maiden), but it’s still a wonderful trilogy.

    I’m not such a big fan of the Hobbit. I never could get too excited about it, but lots of other people love it, so keep trying!

  7. cecily spencer

    Try getting the books on CD at your library and listening in the car. That was a lot of fun for all my kids and how we made it through.

  8. Traci

    I’m glad I’m not the only person who can’t get through Tolkein’s books. I feel like it is a character flaw of mine. Nah, I’m good!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      No kidding! You can spend the night there, which I didn’t realize until I googled it for the post. When Chuck and I go to visit, we may have to do that!

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