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Fundamentals of DSLR Filmmaking with CreativeLive

CreativeLive Review: Fundamentals of DSLR Filmmaking.

I received the product mentioned in this post for free from CreativeLive. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

CreativeLive Review: Fundamentals of DSLR Filmmaking.

I am at an age where I have many friends going back to school in hopes of starting new careers. Me? No thank you. I have exactly no interest in going back to school…now or in ten years. thankyouverymuch.

I have always been independent and prefer to learn things on my own. This should come as no surprise. I work from home. From my computer. By myself (if you consider a dozen or so kids running around by myself).

You might remember I am taking the class Fundamentals of DSLR Filmmaking through CreativeLive. I am learning so much. I take photos and write on this blog because I love telling stories. I tell stories with my camera, with my words and I am attempting to tell stories through film. The more videos I take the more I realize I don’t have a clue what I am doing. Filmmaking is so different than my normal lifestyle or documentary approach to photography.

CreativeLive Review: Fundamentals of DSLR Filmmaking.

Fundamentals of DSLR Filmmaking consists of 39 videos that range in length from 11- 36 minutes.

I like being able to take the class at my own pace, on my own schedule.

I love being able to rewatch the video as many times as I like.

I personally prefer being able to take a class like this from home rather than traveling or attending the event live.

A few of the things I have learned so far are:

Have a plan.

I don’t like to have plans.  While I do some posed photography, for the most part, I shoot lifestyle or documentary…I take pictures of stories that are happening. I rarely stage or set up a shot. This DSLR Filmmaking class is really pushing me to grow. To tell a good story, I need to plan.

Shoot the same shot.

One big difference between filmmaking and photography is the need to shoot the same shot over and over and over. Shoot from the top, from the side. Have a close-up and a wide angle shot. I’ll be honest, this is a challenge for me but I am enjoying the creative thought that goes into this.

Technical skills.

I have learned what settings I should be using on my camera, how to add in a soundtrack and how to handle movement (of both my camera and my subject).

But enough about the details.

I loved taking this CreativeLive class by Victor Ha. I have learned so from this class. While you could, of course, go to YouTube and find free tutorials, I have found it much easier to learn from a consistent, quality teacher. One of my goals for 2017 is to start making movies that tell the story of our family and CreativeLive is a huge part of what is getting me there.

I have been 100% satisfied with Fundamentals of DSLR Filmmaking and will definitely be taking more creativeLive classes in the future.

The best part? You can get 20% off any class by using my promo code: ISHARE20

And remember, CreativeLive isn’t just photography! They offer classes in arts, crafts, finance, business and more.

I received the product mentioned in this post for free from CreativeLive. This post also contains affiliate links.


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