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Everything Happens for a Reason…

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They say everything happens for a reason. I just don’t buy that. Things happen all the time. Big things. Little things. Crazy things. But I certainly don’t believe everything happens for some larger purpose. Nope. For instance, lots of things have happened in the last 24 hours here, none of which I think serve a higher purpose.

Everything happens for a reason...or, then again, maybe not.

It all started with the flat tire…Or maybe with Hezekiah’s fever….Or…how about I just start at the beginning? 

Hezekiah came down with a fever Monday afternoon, an interesting addition to the staph infection on his ankle. The doctor prescribed oral antibiotics (since the topical wasn’t working). He  has now been home from school all week. I was just recovering from my last cold, when I got a brand new one (yay me). Did I mention Chuck had the flu two weeks ago? And everyone else (except for Apollo, thank God) has been coughing? We’re one barrel of laughs over here, let me tell you!

Yesterday when we returned home from math Enoch noticed the back tire on the van was hissing (in case you know as little about vehicles as I do, that’s not a good sign). A thorough inspection revealed a screw. In my tire. With no way to drive, I had to email the school to have the kids ride the bus home. Meanwhile, I was making yogurt in my Instant Pot.  The thing is, you kind of need to follow the directions when you make yogurt. And not, say, walk away from it for hours and hours when you’re only supposed to walk away for a single hour. I didn’t set a timer and by the time I realized my mistake, four hours has passed. Oh, and I didn’t have a thermometer to measure the temperature, so I just kind of guessed.*

*Note to self: don’t just kind of guess the temperature when making yogurt. 

But that’s okay, I just kept right on guessing…guessing how long it should incubate and guessing that I could pour the contents in to the nut milk bag without assistance.And then I guessed it would be okay when I accidentally spilled water in my yogurt. Oops.

*My new fleece jacket now smells like vanilla yogurt. I’ll let you guess why. 

Not to be discouraged, I put the yogurt in the fridge and went to bed. But not before Chuck put the spare tire on the van and asked me to get the flat one fixed the next day.

No. Problem.

After all, I had been inspired while listening to an Inspirational speech by the director of the Navy Seals the night before. So this morning I decided to get up and get moving.

Let’s get this stuff done.

I folded some laundry. I started a new load of laundry. I packed Apollo’s lunch. I got him dressed…

Less than five minutes before the bus came, Apollo fell flat on his face and gave himself a massive bloody nose…needless to say, he didn’t get on the bus.*

*I’m pretty sure they discourage bleeding, screaming kindergarteners from riding the bus.

But I wasn’t discouraged. Naw…Not even when Tilly pointed out the blood spatter on our unfinished wood flooring. 

We all know I like to plan ahead, so I had steeped my tea last night to make my daily Shrinker. I headed into the kitchen to mix it up. Noticing it wasn’t blended well, I simply took a butter knife and gently stirred it around. Apparently I have the strength of Thor, because when the knife touched the bottom of the glass it put a hole straight through it. Now I had my Shrinker pouring out of a pea-sized hole in my glass. I dumped it in the sink and began to mop up my Shrinker-covered counter, floor and nonfunctional dishwasher. Then, to add to the fun, as I rang out my dishcloth, I cut myself on a glass shard.*

*Not wanting to be selfish, I left some in the sink for Kalina to “discover” later.  Sorry, Kalina. 

But really, what’s a little blood, iced tea, glass shards, fevers and colds among families? I mean, really?

Once I cleaned up the blood (mine and Apollo’s) I headed out to drop off the flat tire, come  home, pack my camera bag and head out to a senior shoot. In the rain.

Of course, in the rain.

All that to say, I didn’t get to finish the post I am working on about the awesome Art Party I recently hosted. That, my friends, will have to wait for another day.



  1. thissquirrelsnest

    Oh I’m sorry! I’ve had those days. I also hate, “everything happens for a reason ” because people use it to smooth over some awful hurts. Everything DOES happen for a reason, but most things don’t have a higher purpose.

    I hope there is less disease and bloodshed at your house tomorrow!

  2. Coralee

    Wow, that was a doozy! I agree with you about the “everything happens for a reason.” I do think that there is a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on when it comes to our lives, but at the same time, I think things also just happen because they happen! Not everything is chosen to be in your life because of some bigger picture or purpose.

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