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First Day of School {2012}

Well, I did it. This morning I sent my five little ones off to school.

Mordecai 4th grade

Jubilee 4th grade

Hezekiah 3rd grade

Avi 1st grade

Not pictured: Tucker 1st grade.

Tucker was having a rough morning. He is so excited about school, but nervous too, though he wouldn’t admit that. He didn’t want me to take his picture (so I respected that) and he was quiet and sullen. It made me sad, but I know he is excited and I well remember first-day-of-school-jitters.

And please, please, don’t tell Apollo it’s not his first day of school, because he was just as excited as the other five. So I humored him and took his picture too.

By the time they were up at the driveway waiting for the bus, Tucker was in high spirits. It makes me happy to see this whole pack of children starting school together. They’re going to take that place by storm!

Apollo entertained himself (and his siblings) running up and down the driveway.

And then the bus came, and they were off.

The bus was a full ten minutes late and I had little time to reflect as I had to leave immediately to take Iris to her babysitting job. Then Kalina, Apollo, and I headed to Costco to pick a few things up, then came home.

Judah, Tilly, and Enoch went for a hike on our property and now Apollo is napping and the house is quiet. I’m off to help Kalina with her math.

Have a great day!



  1. Jodee

    I have some friends who’s granddaughters moved here over the summer. They are going to the same school your kids are going to. My youngest starts tomorrow (the 5th) and I think her biggest fear is riding the bus. Funny since last year she had to be up even earlier to catch the bus to a different district! I hope they had a fabulous first day!

  2. Lou

    I’m so excited for them! Was Mordecai all proud to be the experienced one? I hope so. A confidence boost is always nice, esp for kids who struggle with the academic side. And the pic of Apollo holding up one finger is so cute!

    btw, Jubilee’s top is GORGEOUS!

  3. Emily from NZ

    I hope your kids are having fun. I bet they had a bunch of stories to tell after their first day. Are they bringing their own lunch, or having a school lunch? Your kids are so cute!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      A post about school will be coming soon. I wanted a few days to go by before I posted so I have more of a “feel” of things.

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