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First Day of Spring 2016

The first day of spring is always a day of celebration in our house. We have survived the long winter and come out with all of the hope and promises of new life. Or something like that. I hate winter, snow and cold, so I need no encouragement to celebrate. We don’t do the Easter Bunny or baskets for  Easter, but we always celebrate spring with a bit of chocolate and sweets. 

Celebrating the first day of spring with Walker's Shortbread, jelly beans and chocolate eggs!

Thank you Walkers for the yummy cookies. Shortbread was a big part of Chuck’s holidays growing up. His mom and Nana always made them from scratch. My kids have made them a few times, but I never have.

{Confession: I prefer the store-bought ones.}

 Celebrating the first day of spring with Walker's Shortbread, jelly beans and chocolate eggs!

Last week was busy. It was the final prep for the junior high play. Mordecai and Jubilee both had parts. It was so much fun to watch them perform. It made be glad of all the Missoula  Children’s Theater plays they have done. 

Junior High School Play

Mordecai did such an amazing job! We were so proud of both kids. Reflecting on Mordecai’s performance, I realized why he does so well in plays…literally having a script and memorizing  the words to say, are easier for Mordecai than having a conversation. He knows exactly what he is supposed to do and say. No guess-work. Junior High School Play

In addition to the school play, Jubilee had a performance with her school Choir…and…

Judah is home for spring break. His siblings are thrilled…espeically a certain five-year old who couldn’t resist licking his big brother. 

And the winner of the $25 Timberdoodle gift certificate is….


My baby would like the Indestructibles book set.

Send me your contact Leah, and then you get to go shopping!

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