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Surprise! It’s A…Gender Reveal!

DIY pink and blue decorations for a gender reveal.

My daughter-in-law Celeste is halfway through her pregnancy with our Lucky #7 grandchild. She recently had her 20-week anatomy scan and she and Judah decided to have a small gender reveal party. Well…if a party can be small when one half of the couple has thirteen siblings and the other has five…

Letter board with Hijo o Hija and pink and blue gender reveal decorations.

There is nothing I love more than a themed party….and I was thrilled to be able to bake the cakes for this one. Judah and Celeste brought over decorations and I bought this cute party set from Amazon.

Letter board: Boy or Girl? Choose Your Team gender reveal party.

I pulled out the same felt letter board we used for the pregnancy announcement and Judah and Celeste wrote, “Boy Or Girl? Choose Your Team”. Everyone could cast their votes by placing a pink or blue dum dum pop into a candy jar.

DIY pink and blue decorations for a gender reveal.

Anticipation was high…but not so high that we couldn’t enjoy a taco dinner from Mi Rancho Meat Market before the big reveal. Celeste’s mom made beans and rice that were delicious. It was an amazing meal before an amazing reveal.

Everyone at the party was wondering WHO KNEW….well, the truth is, only two people knew…the person doing the ultrasound and a random employee at Party City…Judah and Celeste handed over the envelope and ordered a balloon.

Judah popped a gender reveal balloon from Party City.

As you can see…it’s a…BOY joining the tribe!

Judah popping gender reveal balloon as blue confetti rains down.
Judah and Celeste hug at gender reveal.
Kids playing in confetti

After the fun of learning the new baby is a BOY it was time for dessert. I made two gender reveal cakes….one in pink and one in blue. Don’t worry, we ate both of them. I just love making beautiful food.

Blue ombre layered gender reveal cake.
Layered jello and hombre cake for the gender reveal party.

Celeste’s mom also made several layered jello desserts that we amazing!

Plates full of hombre layered gender reveal cakes.

It was an amazing day to celebrate. I am so thankful that a new little grandson is on the way. We are all so excited and can’t wait for the little one to join the family!


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