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Who Made This Mess? And Other Exciting Books to Enjoy This Summer

Exciting picture books to read this summer

It’s no secret that we love reading over here! We have a huge library built up from over 20 years of homeschooling. When my grandsons come to visit one of the first things they do is run into my room where they know I have a shelf full of picture books. I loved reading to my children as they grew and now I get the privilege of reading to my grandchildren. Here are some fun new books to consider adding to your home library

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Fun new picture books to read to your kids in 2023

Who Made This Mess?

 Who Made This Mess? by Laura Gehl and Aleksandar Stojsic

Who Made This Mess? is a hilarious story about a rather unusual day on the farm.

This book has cute little rhymes that go awry in the most unexpected ways…like this:

Who Made This Mess? Picture book for kids ages 4-8

“Mud everywhere- splattered with flair. Who made this mess? No need to guess. Messes this big must come from a…

…clumsy giraffe who slipped and fell into the mud puddle, ruining her new dress.”

Your kids will be guessing at the next rhyme and delighted by the silliness that ensues.

No is All I Know by Chris Grabenstein illustrated by Leo Espinosa

No is All I Know by Chris Grabenstein and Leo Espinosa

Oliver McSnow will only say the word, “No”. His “no” grows, grows, and GROWS until it is all that he can say. He says no to bedtime stories, getting dressed, ice cream, and even playing with his cousin, Jess. Things are bad.

Until one day, Jess (who likes to say yes) comes to play. Oliver is far too tired today no…so he plays with Jess. And gets ice cream. And makes friends. And in the end, Oliver learns it is much more fun to say, “yes”. 

This is a fun book with a positive message. Perfect for any parents who deal with their own, “Oliver McSnow”.

Rocket Says Speak Up! By Nathan Bryon Illustrated by Dapo Adeola

Rocket Says Speak Up by  Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola

Rocket loves to read books so much her favorite day of the week is book day! The day she and her brother get to visit the library and pick out new books. Rocket is proud that she reads more books than anyone else in her family. 

Rocket is devastated to learn that her local library is closing. Instead of just mourning the loss of the library Rocket decides to speak up and do something about it!

She enlists her family, friends, and teachers to join her in a peaceful protest…

I really love this book. It not only shows a child’s enthusiasm for books, libraries, and reading, but the illustrations show great diversity. We see characters of all colors throughout the book and a child in a wheelchair. 

Rocket Says Speak Up is a positive, uplifting book with an inspirational message about speaking up for causes we care about.

What books are you reading this summer?


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