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Homeschooling and Drawing

It has been so wonderful having my five younger kids home from school for Christmas Break. The decision to stick them in school this year was a difficult one. We have no doubt it was the right decision (especially with Apollo’s heart surgery in Houston, Texas) but I miss them. I miss their wonderful, vibrant personalities and I miss homeschooling them. They get home from school tired and need time to decompress. Then it’s dinner, clean up and bedtime. Having them to myself for two weeks has been a blast.122112_8679 blogSeven-year-old Tucker, our one an only leftie, working on his drawing.

Last week I decided to do an art project with them. It was an ambitious project- teaching them about perspective drawing…but fun nonetheless.  Because we have done drawing lessons in the past, using the Drawing Textbook  they were not completely lost. I originally picked this book up from Timberdoodle.

It has since gone out of print, which is a real shame, but you can still find used copies on Amazon.

 I really like McIntyre’s approach to teaching drawing (that anyone can learn to draw- just as anyone can learn to read, write and speak). He considers drawing a form of communications that we should teach in schools, just as we teach reading, wring and math.122112_8680 blog

Out came rules, paper, pencils and erasers. I found this great website, that shows how to do perspective drawing step-by-step.

One word of warning, I wouldn’t recommend this project for kids younger than ten. Mine did it (seven-year old Avi and Tucker and eight-year old Hezekiah) but it was difficult, and they already have a firm foundation of drawing basics. I do believe, however, that this is perfect for kids ten and up. I have noticed since this lesson that Mordecai has been using what he learned in his everyday drawings. It is so much fun to see them apply this on their own! 122112_8683 blog 122112_8684 blog

Tucker chose to draw his first grade classroom. What fun!

{For those of you interested in learning more about teaching drawing and why it is so important, I added several old posts under the menu item Homeschooling}

Have you been doing anything fun during Christmas Break? Do you have any fun art/drawing resources? I’d love to hear about them.


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  1. Elizabeth

    I’ve always wanted to learn to draw better. I’d get discouraged when I was young and comparing to friends so I’d stop trying.

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