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Homeschooling and University

The adventure of homeschooling and university.bumble bee-6113

17-year-old Judah never set foot in a school until he began community college at age 16. Washington State has a great program, Running Start, that allows high school students to take college classes and receive college credit in 11th and 12th grade. Judah dove right in, joined a handful of clubs (Acting, Campus Christian Fellowship, Criminal Justice Leadership Program, Hiking Club). He joined the Honors Program his second quarter. In the year and a half he has been in school he’s become a leader.bumble bee-6110

It was a pleasant surprise to see Judah become so outgoing. He was never really shy, but prior to community college I never saw him as particularly outgoing. We really saw him grow and develop as a leader during the summers he spent in Zambia and Guatemala.

Just to give you a glimpse of his life right now, Judah is currently: Co- President of Phi Theta Kappa, Vice President of Campus Christian Fellowship, Communications Officer for the Hiking Club. He also a member of the Criminal Justice Leadership Program and is employed by the college as a Parking Monitor.

This is also why he makes a rare appearance on the blog. He’s very busy and rarely around.

Right now we are in the thick of college applications, filling out financial aid forms and looking into scholarships. Due to a lack of planning, Judah will be taking two classes this summer (in between working) to finish up his transfer degree before heading off to university. He is hoping to attend the Washington State University where he will major in Criminal Justice.

There is a downside to being an overachiever. If all goes well Judah will graduate with his of four-year degree at age 20 and be completely qualified to be a police officer…except for the fact that he won’t be old enough until he has his 21st birthday. Graduate degree, here we come.



  1. Sue

    Good luck to him.. You might have to wait a bit longer. My nephew just finally got a officer appointment here. With a degree and scoring highest on the physicals.. he had to wait. He did not meet the wanted quota. Being a white male it is tough to become a police officer unless you want to work in the ” not so nice ” areas… But if he was a hispanic female he could be a state trooper as a male, very long waiting list !

    Sue in NJ

  2. Brenda in Spokane

    Hi there, I always love hearing how your kids are doing. I actually have only met 4 of your kids when then went on a home school overnight “camping” trip with the whatever program that was that I was involved in several years ago…anyway long story short, my youngest, Sawyer, and Judah were roomies. I love hearing all about Judah and his adventures because of the connection there is. Judah is a great young man, but you know that already. That being said, I have had now 5 kids transition from homeschool through Running Start and then go on to university and graduate school. There are a few tricks that you probably know, but thought I would warn you of in case you didn’t know. The most important thing is that Judah will lose his status as an “incoming Freshman with credit” if he takes even one credit after his supposed “graduation date”. That means that if he has used up his 6 semesters of RS funds, and then takes one credit in order to graduate, then he automatically becomes a “transfer student” rather than a “freshman with credit”. This is significant because there are fewer scholarship opportunities for transfer students and they are always lower $ amounts. You WANT him to be a freshman even if he does not have his degree because there are more scholarships available. He has TONS of qualifiers for scholarships and I would be very surprised if he did not qualify for 4 year full tuition scholarships. So even though he could finish in 2 years after RS, those scholarships could buy him that additional year that he needs to bide his time and have a good university experience. I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me through email if you want to talk.
    Brenda in Spokane

  3. Elisabeth

    If he’s planning on going to the Pullman campus, be sure to visit the E-Free church there in town – they have an amazing college ministry and even several Christian houses. It’s a great way to network – my brother never had to live in a dorm, but went straight to a house owned by a several men of the church. Everyone I know involved in ministries there has been so blessed and encouraged and sheppherded.

    The biggest piece of advice for new college students – make sure they understand that eating and sleeping are not optional! Especially when they move out of the dorms and have to make their own food. =)

    • Rosie

      That was sort of blunt, though not meant that way. I was short on time and put the quick reply version down.

      I was thinking (out loud) that maybe his degree could be used for something else, if the job market was being difficult when it came time to graduate.

      It is great to hear how well he is doing and how much he enjoys it.

      • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

        Yes, he wants to be a police officer and he is bound and determined to study Criminal Justice. We have had many discussions about what degrees he could earn….in fact he just told me the other day he is actually well on his way to a Spanish minor (I had no idea). Judah is well aware of the difficulties in finding work as a police officer and he will be too young when he graduates anyway. He is smart and ambitious so I am confident he will find work he loves.

        • kris

          Spanish minor will help too. Well, as long as there is need but I feel like that’s such a wide reaching language in this country that it’s never a bad thing to be able to speak Spanish. (which I can not and I live where it would be useful)

  4. Rebecca

    I love hearing about large families, homeschooling and recently I’ve started looking reading up on dual enrollment for my teens. It is so nice to hear that your Judah is rocking college. What an encouragement this post is. Thank you! Congratulations Judah on your acheivments!!!

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