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How to Get Thinking Putty Out of Eyelashes; Or, It Sucks to be Me

I know what you’re going to ask, “What in tarnation is Thinking Putty?” followed closely by, “What was it doing in someone’s eyelashes?” and “Who’s eyelashes?” then quickly summed up by, “You’re right, it does suck to be you“.

Thinking Putty is an awesome silly putty like substance that comes in much bigger quantities and much cooler colors. It was THE hot item in my children’s stockings this year. Enoch has since bought several varieties and several of the other children have bought their own.  We now have enough thinking putty to keep a small classroom busy during an all-school assembly. It has also become our standard birthday gift for friends (and maybe after this blog post, enemies).

Thursday night while reading out of our Egermeier’s Bible Story Book, Tucker smooshed a big old wad of the stuff onto his closed eye in an attempt to look more pirate-y. As soon as our evening prayer was over, he came to me with his problem.

Here, I even made this cool little visual for you, in case you ever need to determine whether or not you child has Thinking Putty in his eyelashes:

Thinking putty,

Determining the cause of the eyelash goop was the easy part. Not laughing at him was slightly harder. Cleaning the stuff our of his eyelashes was darn near impossible. When Thinking Putty is warm, it is soft and pliable. When cold or frozen, it becomes brittle and is easy to remove from surfaces. While we do have a large chest freezer, stuffing Tucker inside didn’t seem like a viable option.

Chuck suggested using butter as a solvent then headed downstairs to tube feed Apollo. I smeared butter all over my son’s eye, made him sit and marinade for a minute or two. The other thing about  Thinking Putty is, if you pull it slowly it stretches and sstreeeeeetches and STRETCHES pretty much into infinity. If you yank fast, it simply breaks off.  The thing is, I couldn’t just yank without ripping out his eyelashes entirely and quite frankly stuffing him in the freezer sounded more humane. Twenty minutes later I had 90% of the Thinking Putty out and sent the boy to bed. Then I lay on the couch to read.

Not five minutes had passed before Kalina ran upstairs saying Apollo had puked and Chuck needed my help. I grabbed a couple of towels and ran downstairs where I saw  Chuck drenched in vomit from his shoulder all the way down his arm and dripping off his hand onto the floor.

{Sorry, I didn’t make a visual for vomit identification}

The carpet was covered and Apollo was still erupting. I threw down a towel and held Apollo while Chuck dripped. Once Apollo was done Chuck headed off to shower and I mopped up Apollo. When I removed the towel I had thrown over the puddle of vomit I found a mixture of vanilla flavored formula and chicken. The vomit was so chunky I was reduced to picking out chunks of chicken, scrubbing the floor with wet wash cloths then drenching the area and taking the shop vac to it.

Of course, nothing is ever that easy. Since we don’t usually vacuum up wet stuff with the shop vac, we first had to open it, empty it out and remove the filter. Next, I doused the carpet with warm water and vinegar, then vacuumed up the slop, then mopped up the area some more. Judah was dispatched to clean out the contaminated vacuum hose, Kalina gave Apollo a bath and Tilly was directed to clean up my knitting supplies.

Knitting supplies, you ask? Why yes, Apollo managed to get vomit IN my knitting bag which was sitting nearby. Thank goodness the sweater I am knitting for my unborn niece was sealed in Ziplock bag! If not, I may have had to ditch the whole project.

A Hard Day’s Night, indeed.

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  1. Crystal in Lynden

    Oh my! What can one say? I’m thankful for the Thinking Putty tip as we have a good supply of it in our home. I’ve thrown out clothing before because of Thinking Putty. I pray Apollo will be better very soon. The viruses circulating around this county seem to be extra potent and fierce this year.

  2. JoAbair

    Um yes Renee, thanks for asking, it DOES suck to be you last night! wow… That sounds really quite rough though honestly the putty part does not sound as terrible as the cleaning up the vomit part… oh my. The knitting sounds quite incredibly gross.

  3. Tasha

    Renee, you make me laugh oh so hard. Thank you for using humor to tell your stories. Thanks also for commenting on my blog. I’m amazed that you can so regularly blog. I just have 2 now and my blogging has gone down to about once or twice a month.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Well, I can blog because my kids are older now. Besides, Chuck will attest to the fact that I am a *much* better wife when I tell my stories here….instead of bombarding him like a mad-woman when he gets home from work.

      • Anna

        Amen, sister! I loved the title! Someday our stories become hilarious. I know that someday, SOMEDAY, my disastrous trip that I just returned from with my sister and niece will be hilarious but for now I can’t even think about them without wanting to run and hide. When my husband picked me up, I talked until he turned the radio on…and then when he turned the volume up, I got the hint and shut up;)

  4. Melissa Knox-Raab

    There’s an easy way to get silly putty out of clothes! Hand sanitizer. My daughter got silly putty on a favorite sweater–and one that could only be washed in cold water. First I thought maybe if I put the sweater in the freezer I’d be able to scrape the goop off, but that didn’t work. Then I looked up solvents on the net–and regular old Duane Reed or standard drugstore hand sanitizer really did the trick.
    So I hope this works for the Thinking Putty too–but obviously it’s probably a bad idea to try it anywhere near the eyes . . .

  5. Frances

    When i was a kid i got bubble gum stuck in my eyelashes. My mom used ice cubes to harden it up enough to pick out. Not sure it would work with Thinking Putty, but you might be something to try if it ever happens again…..

  6. Suze

    OH dear you did have a tough time. Isn’t it amazing how far vomit etc will go? My daughter had cyclical vomiting syndrome. I’ll let you imagine the messes we have had to face.

    I certainly hope that Apollo is over this episode very soon. It must extremely wearing for you all and I know you do not need the worry. Also, I am extremely thankful that such putty like substances are not in the household.

    I love your writing style and your sense of humour helps me through many a day. god bless you all.

  7. Aurora

    I was chuckling until I got to the knitting bag part. That’s serious! :) I’m glad you use ziplocks to contain your projects. I do the same. You never know what a toddler will throw in your purse! :)

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      I know. Chuck had no idea about that part until he read my blog. He agreed: if a toddler vomits on a partially knit sweater for an unborn baby, it probably needs to be just tossed. Maybe I should right a testimonial for Ziplock? LOL

  8. sid

    Where are you getting your amazon affiliate links? Are you signing into your account, going to a product page, and then using the link button in the affiliate partners toolbar at the top? I know the old way I used to use was to just copy and paste the link from the address bar, but this way doesn’t work any more. I hope this helps.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Sid- that’s what I’m doing, and from my blog link I can see the affiliate address, but when I publish the post, it directs back to my BLOG and says, “sorry, we couldn’t find what you were looking for” or something. It’s weird, because I’ve been using the affiliate links forever…

  9. Gwendie

    We are HUGE Thinking Putty fans at our house. Love the stuff!
    You can easily get Thinking Putty off skin, hair, fabric and carpet by using regular household rubbing alcohol (make sure fabric/carpet is colorfast.) Apply a small amount directly to the putty and gently rub. The putty will dissolve.
    Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld is on Facebook. They have regular giveaways and contests to win free putty. I buy our Thinking Putty off of Crazy Aaron’s E-bay site:
    By the way, I sent an e-mail to your bergerondozen yahoo account on Jan 1st regarding sleep and weighted blankets…not sure if you got it with the excitement of the holidays. If you did, hope it was informative.
    Blessings – Gwendie

  10. Margie

    This happened to us last night. I actually used the “putty attracts putty” trick. It didn’t pull out any of my daughter’s eyelashes so far as I could tell. I just smushed the putty up against her eye for 5 or so seconds, to allow it to bind to her eyelash putty and yanked it away quickly. It took maybe 20 or so times to get it all. Of course you have to make sure not to hold it on TOO long, or you will just worsen the problem, I imagine. It really worked like a charm!

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