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I Love Boys

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Enoch, age 10 

Boys have never intimidated me. I'm the mother of seven sons, and could happily mother a dozen boys. Boys are different from girls…in my experience, with my children, not necessarily more active, but different.

There are certain things a boy will do that would never cross the mind of a girl. And that's what I want to share with you today. Two stories. Stories about a ten year old boy. Stories that grandmas and the faint of heart, or easily grossed out may just want to skip.

That was your warning. 

Now on to life with boys.

The other day it was a certain ten year old boy's job to clean the boys' bathroom. You have boys? You know  boys? They're not always, ahem, accurate in their aim in the bathroom. In fact, I'm pretty darn sure they're inaccurate on purpose. Because its more fun that way? I really don't know (being of the female persuasion). But when you have seven sons, this is an ongoing issue. 

Anyway, overtime this leads to a certain build up on the bottom side of the toilet seat.  Build up that no amount of chemical or scrubbing was able to remove. I was simply resigned to buying a new toilet seat every year or so…

But Enoch it seems, has solved that problem. He cleaned the bathroom the other day, and couldn't wait to show me the results. He let me downstairs and flipped up the toilet seat…and it was sparkly clean. Brand new looking. Not a sign of crust or crud anywhere!

"Wow, how'd you do that? I couldn't get it off when I tried!" I said.

"Oh, it was easy" he replied. "I just used my pocket knife to scrape it off."

And then there was yesterday. After returning from a friend's house, he was telling me about some iced tea they had served:

"It had lemon juice in it…but it mainly tasted like lemonade…but it was brown…it was actually the color of urine…when a person is dehydrated…"

Ah, at least we he knows what color healthy urine should be…

What can I say? I love my boys.


  1. Carrie C.

    that is just AWESOME. I only have 2 boys (for now- praying for the ability to adopt a whole crew) but my older son once tried to see if he could make his pee do like the water coming out of a water fountain. I bet you can guess how well that went… 😉

  2. Crystal Johnson

    great post. Have you ever discussed what happens if you eat too many fresh cooked red beets? Pink. 🙂

  3. Christina

    My 5 girls do the same thing(the boys never caused that on my place) now to test out the cleaning trick but all I have is a machette wonder how that would work!

  4. EV

    My husband had to have a discussion with our two sons that went this way: As you get taller the stream has a longer distance to go and watching it go into the toilet is not as interesting as it once was. You also go more and for a longer time. Keep an eye on your aim and wipe your messes and clean any spots. Your mother does not like to sit on your mess-ups. She will make you clean the entire bathroom including the walls if she thinks there is any missing going on. You don’t want that to be you.

  5. TonyM

    Renee, with your most serious expression, tell them that if it keeps happening that you will start accompanying them to the bathroom to see which of them is responsible. It’ll get a few laughs, and perhaps highlight the issue.
    Also, I don’t know if the boys are circumcised, but if not, they need to learn how to pull back the foreskin before peeing as it greatly increases accuracy.

  6. karla

    My 6 year old son recently began showering alone. I caught him “painting” the shower walls the other day. Nice. And you are right, my daughter would never think to do that.

  7. Mommaofmany

    Once my toddle son showed me (while peeing) how he could spin around a full rotation standing on one foot. That was fun.

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