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If at First You Don’t Succeed…

Tilly got her driver’s license a couple of weeks ago. For the first time ever we have two teen drivers in the house! I have to say, it is rather handy….Judah was once able to make an emergency run for cream for my coffee and Tilly was able to pick up Jubilee from Girls on the Run while I had Avi at an appointment.

Life is sweet. Except when it totally sucks.teen-girl-drivingteen-girl-driving


boy-in-booster-seatMy kids are at an age where they don’t necessarily want me to share every hilarious thing they say for the entire world to read (what’s up with that???). Just as yesterday’s story about asking a bank teller for sperm was posted anonymously, so with the next story.

Recently I was going over some youth protection information for Boy Scouts with Hezekiah. The booklet was dealing with ways to keep safe and avoid child predators. When discussing the importance of telling someone if a person tried to touch you or talked to you inappropriately, I said, “Because even if that person doesn’t touch you, if you don’t tell someone, he is going to try again on a different child...” I barely had those words out of my mouth when another child offered their words of wisdom:

“Yeah, just like that song: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!”

Sometimes in parenting, you just can’t win…


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