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Boxtrolls in My Yard

Post contains an affiliate dressed as boxtrolls


I have a confession…I haven’t actually seen the Boxtrolls movie. My kiddos watched it last week while Mordecai was recovering from surgery, and I busily occupied myself cleaning and cooking (okay, and maybe reading a book too). 

This weekend they made a humongous mess exercised their native curiosity by creating Boxtroll costumes. I love it when my children are creative  like this. No toys, no plastic…just their imaginations (yes, fueled by a movie) our large pile of boxes waiting for  recycling and some markers…

I think I was missing a few things by not seeing the movie, since the kids all wanted me to see their “Boxtroll faces” then made goofy expressions (can someone fill me in?)….And several people, upon seeing one of these images on Facebook said, “Eggs!!!” so I guess maybe there is a joke there???

kids dressed as boxtrolls

Upon  watching the trailer, I certainly see the resemblance between curly-haired Apollo and Eggs…

And speaking of Fiesty-Four-Year-Old-Apollo…we make him hold our hand when we cross parking lots and he has been resisting lately yelling, “I am holding somone’s hand! I’m holding God’s hand!” all the while holding one hand high above his head.


How do you argue with that?

And speaking of funny kids…I recently explained in-vitro to a child who I overheard later in the day announcing, “Yeah, you can just go to the bank and say, ‘hey, I don’t want any money,  I just want some sperm!'” You can guess who will not be going to the bank with me ever again any time soon…


  1. Amy S.

    Your kids rock, in so many ways. Which means you must be one amazing Mom. (the mental picture of Apollo walking through parking lots with his hand held high yelling about God pretty much makes my day…..)

  2. bemis

    I also laughed at the thought of Apollo holding God’s hand! We have the same rule, and my nutty two-and-a-half year old will always say, “I hold mine own hand.” Then she proceeds to hold one of her hands in the other very solemnly at chest level and marches away!

  3. jessilee82

    My 4 year old resists handholding as well. He holds his own hand often.

    The sperm bank thing has me in stitches. I love how kids make things fit within what they know of life. I agree keeping them away from the bank for future transactions is wise. Otherwise they may start asking women if they’re getting money or sperm.

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