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It’s WHAT Day at School?

It's  WHAT day at school?

Last week my kids had…wait for it…Mustache Day at school as an all school reward for something or other. Let me start by saying, I love my kids’ school. I like the principal, the teachers and the sense of community. I also love that an all school reward didn’t involve junk food…or any food at all for that matter. These are all great things, in my mind.

Mustache Day gave me a pause, however. After running out and buying a set of mustaches (we only had two day’s warning…not even enough for Amazon prime) I started thinking. It would seem to me having hundreds of elementary school kids wearing mustaches all day would be rather distracting to the learning environment…What really gave me pause, though, was the fact that I don’t remember doing anything like that when I was in school. We didn’t have: Crazy Hair Day, Crazy Sock Day or Pajama Day.

When I was in school we had:

Do Your Homework Day. This was everyday, and you were expected to have your homework done. Even if you stayed up late watching Knots Landing or had sports practice.

Popcorn Day. In one of the elementary schools I went to, Fridays were popcorn day. For twenty-five cents you could buy a bag of movie theater style popcorn to help support the PTA.

Detention  Day. Okay, only some of us “got to” celebrate this day. I once got detention in high school for eating an apple on a “carpeted area” which was against the school rules. Fair enough, I am not one to argue if I am being punished fairly. My punishment? To eat my lunch in the school office…in a “carpeted area”. True story.

Pizza Day. Only this wasn’t a reward. It was the day the cafeteria served rectangular slabs of soggy, greasy pizza that all the kids seemed to go crazy about. I didn’t because we always packed lunches from home.  

In high school the cheerleaders would wear their cheer uniforms (ridiculously teeny tiny miniskirts)…even in the cold winters of Alaska. Seriously? I know this is going to shock you, but I was not actually a cheerleader in high school. 

But themed days where we all dressed crazy and then tried to focus on our teachers and do school work? Nope. And I went to a lot of schools.

Did you do these themed days when you were in school? What is the craziest themed day your kids have had?




  1. Lindsay

    You crack me up. You weren’t a cheerleader? I don’t believe it!

    I have to say that theme days are one of my least favorite things about elementary school (my girls still have them in high school but now they can pull off their own outfits).

    Favorite book character day had to be the worst of all…rather than choose the favorite book character and design the costume (because who has time and energy for that), we’d find something usable in the dress-up bin and then figure out which book character it would work for.

    And honestly, besides Pippi Longstocking or Harry Potter, which book character would anyone know by sight, anyway. How fun is it when you have to go around explaining who you are all day?

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      I’m glad I’m not the only one suffering here. Yes, 48 hours notice for Mustache Day…its just not enough time!

  2. Liz

    Thats not enough time at all. My sons Simple Machine teacher will email these Utube videos 3 at a time 2 days before friday morning class. Parker was the only one every week who said he watched them. People need more time. No I don’t remember any themes. We didn’t have them. we homeschool so kids don’t have them either. I wouldn’t like

  3. Jessica

    I wing it on those days. I prefer crazy hair or mismatch day because its easy. A mustache day would have seen them all with drawn on moustachss with eyeliner or sharpie(haha).

  4. nancy from mass

    Thankfully I went to school in the 70’s and 80’s and we didn’t have theme days (that I can recall anyway). My son is in high school and they have ‘school color’ days on game days and the girls wear their tiny cheerleader uniforms and the team wear their jerseys. everyone else is asked to wear school colors. The only other theme days they do are to show solidarity for something…rainbow colors for glbt support etc. Oh Wait! they did have a version of PJ day where one of his buddies actually came to school wearing his boxers – because that’s what he sleeps in! My son was shocked that he didn’t get into trouble! When my son was in elementary, they had ‘dress for your career day’ and pj day, etc. he didn’t always participate (he typically sleeps in his boxers too).

    My son has also had detention days….at the charter school he went to, he got 2-3 detentions a week for the slightest infraction. one was … wait for it….sneezing too loud. instead of signing my name to that slip, i wrote “are you f’ing kidding me?” I don’t think they read the slip.

  5. Erin

    We definitely did but only in middle school and high school. It was usually just Spirit Week, though, for Homecoming. Hippy day, twin day, school colors day, hat day, gender bender day (not sure that one would be allowed now but I wore my dad’s suit), crazy hair day. I don’t remember being distracted any more than usual. Except the time I dressed up for hippy day in 7th a grade a week EARLY and walked into the gym to have aa popular 8th grade boy yell “Erin, hippy daynis next week!” I was mortified…and also completely elated that he knew my name.

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