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Judah and Tilly are Home!

10488043_10154427369405613_5335176569701786516_nAfter seven weeks of: training, time in Guatemala and Malawi and a few days of debrief, they are HOME! It was so good to see them in the airport. Both look healthy, strong and more mature (hard work and world travel will do that to you).

Home from Teen Missions

After a seven hour round trip to pick them up, we came home and enjoyed pizza with my parents. We have heard many stories and adventures, but haven’t seen any photos yet. Tilly was thrilled with her “new” vintage bed! I never did sand and repaint it, but she can ¬†do that if she wants. Otherwise, she still has a cute bed that matches her room. She painted the room just before she left and was happy to arrive home to the surprise.

Now I’m off to enjoy my children for the day. Prepare yourself for an influx of Teen Missions ¬†photos!




  1. Meghan

    Is there a new mobile design in your blog for when its accessed by cell phone, or is it just my first time noticing it? It looks great!

      • Meg

        Just an update now that I am at my desk…When I typed in your web address from my desktop computer (non mobile) it loaded the mobile design as well. Could be a glitch on my end but I thought I’d let you know since it is a new feature.

  2. Liz

    Yes I noticed the mobile change maybe a day or so ago. It’s nice!
    Glad they are safe at home. About to embark on out own little journey cross country to CA;)

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