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LEGO Fever

20140719_4214 blog

LEGO Fever is still in full swing over here. This is one toy that never, ever seems to get old. Building with LEGO will literally occupy my children for hours. It also, unfortunately occupies my living room floor. And table. And everywhere else.20140719_4216 blog

We threw a surprise party for Judah and Tilly last night. A little Welcome Home celebration. A handful of ¬†teens came over and we had a fabulous time. In intended to take pictures. But didn’t.

20140719_4224 blog Before the party could begin though, we had to clear LEGO city/planet/apocolypse off of my dining room table. It may or may not have been occupying the table for three or more days.

20140719_4225 blog

What can I say? It’s summer and we have been enjoying our meals out on the deck in the warm sunshine. Stocking up on vitamin D for the long winter months.

20140719_4217 blogI even captured this rare moment of Avi and Mordecai enjoying each other’s company. Sure, it took a few hundred pieces¬†of LEGO and an iPhone to make it happen, but it did happen.

I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!


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