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We Put the Labor in Labor Day: Large Family Life

As you probably already know, Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to throw a sixteenth birthday party for your son, but did you also know it is the perfect day to, you know, lay new flooring?

Replacing brick hearth with concrete on Labor Day.

But before you lay that new flooring you have to build a new hearth because the old one has been destroyed by years of hard work as it helped to keep your family warm (read: your kids destroyed it). But before you can lay a new, beautiful, concrete hearth you have to remove the old one. Because in a cruel twist of fate, while a third of it is loose, broken bricks, the other two thirds would stand up to an atom bomb which, incidentally, we apparently have lying around our house…

There was, thankfully, no need to rip up the old flooring since that was done back in 2011 when we had a chronically sick baby with a mysterious illness that left the doctors stumped…but didn’t leave the blog reader who managed to diagnose Apollo over the internet long before the doctors, stumped.

We have been living with our sub flooring since then. While it isn’t pretty and has given the children countless slivers, it is still much less of a health hazard than carpet.

Tucker and Hezekiah evaluate our progress as we remove the brick hearth.

And, honestly, who doesn’t hope their house looks like this during a birthday party?

Enoch helps smooth out the new concrete for the hearth on Labor Day.

No need to plan an elaborate birthday party when you already have fun activities planned like Mix the Concrete…and Pour the Cement.

Crowd gathered at Mordecai's birthday party.

Needless to say, our partying took place outside. Thankfully it was warm and sunny. We also had a rousing game of everybody’s favorite Climb in the Giant Black Pipe.

Kids climbing tunnel in our yard.

All in all, Mordecai had a great birthday. He had a ton of friends over, we had his favorite junk foods (Mt. Dew and Swedish Fish), he got presents (LEGO sets, money, and gift cards), and he was surrounded by family. 

As for the progress on our new flooring? We have about three feet of our living room floored and the rest will have to wait a while since Chuck just informed me he has to work Saturday and Sunday again this week. When we finally do finish, I will give you a step-by-step of the project. For now, I am just trying to get caught up on sleep (hey, I hear you laughing!). 

Kalina flew to Virginia last weekend to visit a friend. I had to pick her up at midnight on Monday (we all know nothing good happens after 10 PM) and then Tuesday night Kalina and I picked up a different friend (ironically) also from Virginia to spend a week with us. We didn’t get home from the airport until 1 AM. And no matter what, I am up by 6 am to get the kids up and ready for school.

So basically, I’m really tired.


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