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Family Update: September 2018

Jubilee expresses her true feelings about unicorn themed cereal.

Family Update: September 2018

As the leaves turn and the season begins to shift, our family dynamic is shifting as well, keeping me busy as we all adjust to our new routines

The kids are back to school, Enoch will be heading off to Central Washington University on Friday (this is the same university Judah attended and graduated from) and Kalina has yet to start back at the community college. Bedtimes, wake times, chores and daily expectations are all in a state of flux.Frodo loves to lie on his back.

Frodo practices his Doodle Pose.

This last week no further progress has been made on our floors because Chuck had to work both Saturday and Sunday and doesn’t get home until 7 or 8 pm. I finally moved the furniture back in place to give us some semblance of normality.  I have also been scrubbing the baseboards (with a toothbrush, go me!) since I realized this is the perfect time to wash and repaint them…before the new flooring is laid.

Hezekiah and Jubilee in Starbucks.

Hezekiah and Joyful Jubilee enjoying drinks at Starbucks.

I have also been taking down the upper cabinets from one wall in our kitchen so I can texture and paint the wall, and then beg Chuck to hang some open shelves. Plus, I love having a multitude of unfinished projects around the house…it keeps life exciting.

Mordecai loves to cuddle with his kitten Esme.

Mordecai loves to snuggle with his kitten, Esme.

We have also had a fun guest from Virginia for the past week. She is the daughter of a friend of mine and our first time meeting her was picking her up at the airport. She and Kalina hit it off right away and she has been a welcome addition to our crew. We will be sad to see her go.

I was so proud of Kalina's minimalist packing for her weekend in Virgina.

Speaking of Kalina, she was in Virginia last weekend visiting a friend. I was so proud of her minimalist packing. This is all she took for a long weekend away. She used this cool bag Chuck bought in Guatemala back in 1986!

Esme is a sweet kitten, but lets face it, cats have no respect for anyone.

Cats. They have no respect for anything…or anyone.


It seems like the harder I try the worse it is. Friday I decided to drop my son off for ABA, then grab lunch, then go get a haircut. With Chuck’s long work hours,100% of parenting is on me these days and I knew I really needed some time to take care of me. So, of course, my son chose that day to refuse to go to ABA. Normally I would be relieved at not having to drive back and forth, but naturally, he picks the one day I have carved out a bit of time to care for myself to stay home. And no, he didn’t know about my plans, it’s just Murphy’s Law in action.

Jubilee expresses her true feelings about unicorn themed cereal.

Who can resist the fun marketing and packaging of this unicorn cereal? Not us, obviously.

And that about sums up life right now. Be sure and check out our First Day of School vlog!


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