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What Happens in Vegas…The Dirty Truth About Girls’ Getaways

Two truth about Vegas getaways.
Two LEGO minifigures by a pool in Las Vegas.

It all started when Hilary’s daughter’s band trip got canceled in 2020 because, well, you know why. She had airline credit that needed to be used so Hilary booked an Airbnb in Las Vegas and bought plane tickets for her daughter and herself. She mentioned that her daughter was bringing a friend along and I pointed out that if Molly got to bring a friend, Hilary ought to be able to bring one too.

Starbucks coffee and LEGO minifigures.

And that is how I managed to invite myself to Hilary and Molly’s mother-daughter Las Vegas Getaway. Four days in hot, sunny Vegas with a pool and zero laundry to do.

Cutsom minifigure standing in front of starbucks cup filled with coffee.

Hilary made these AMAZING sig figs (signature Minifigures) to commemorate our trip…so I photographed them to document our trip.

Las Vegas LEGO store, knitting, minigfigures by a pool.

Four days of knitting, reading, napping, swimming, and hanging out. It was glorious. It was fun.

It was relaxing.

It was too short.

LEGO store in Las Vegas.

Being the Wild Party Girls we are, we ventured out of the Airbnb once…for a trip to the LEGO store in the Las Vegas mall. The LEGO store is literally the only store we entered in the mall. We were on a mission and spent an hour checking out sets and building custom Minifigures.

Two custom minifigures on a LEGO bag at the LEGO store in Las Vegas.
Two LEGO minifigures at In-N-Out in Las Vegas.

Since we were already out partying in Vegas, after hitting the mall we stopped by In-N-Out for burgers and fries (which we took home to eat in the comfort of our Airbnb).

Lion, Tiger, and Bear art in the Airbnb in Vegas.

There was a brief discussion about driving down the strip after dark, but when it came down to it, it just seemed like too much work. Instead, we floated in the pool and enjoyed the tranquility of the night.

Black and white photo of ipad and coffee.
Four lego minifigures in front of a pool.

Me, Molly, Audrey, and Hilary poolside.

Two lego minifigures climbing a wall.

This was my first trip to Las Vegas and it was perfect.


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