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Last Semester of College

Judah is about to embark on his last semester of college.

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Judah just returned to Central Washington University after being home for a month. We loved having him. We loved his bad jokes and his late nights. I loved his extra laundry and Rubbermaid bins (which sat in our entryway for weeks). We loved his late nights out with friends and his early morning alarm (so he could leave for work at 5 am). Yes, we loved and cherished every. single. minute. 

Just like this dad:


I mean, we would never feel like the dad in this video. Nope, never. Not even a little bit. 

*cough cough*

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Did I mention that when Judah headed back to Central he forgot Perseus, his fish? The fish he has been schlepping back and forth for over a year? The fish that sat on my dining room counter for over a month? The fish that I was more than happy to bid Adieu when Judah left?

[Pardon my French]

But that’s okay, Enoch had the solution for that. He posted pics on Facebook with the caption: “Just got a new fish for Christmas! Named him Darrell. Can’t wait to get to know him better! Here’s to a new year with my new best friend Darrell.”

And then we sat back and waited for Judah to notice.

It made the thought of caring for Perseus for the next three months [almost] worth it.

And besides, Perseus has taken up temporary residence in Enoch’s room. Not my circus, not my fish.

But seriously, this was his goodbye to his little brothers. Big Brother Tackle-Hug-Wrestling-Matches cover a multitude of sins.

That’s in the Bible.

I think.

Judah is beginning his last semester of university (at age 19) because he’s just that smart. And that means we might all survive this without going completely broke. Or more broke than we already are. Or negative broke (is that a thing? Or would that mean positive, so we actually aren’t broke?) I’ll let my college student figure that one out…

We’ve learned a few things over the last couple of years. We’ve learned lessons about getting a kid from homeschooling to university. I’ve learned to pack a rocking College Survival Kit and how to save money on school supplies.  

And recently I learned something else.

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So there you go. 

We miss you, Judah! Come back soon!

And don’t forget Perseus….

What is the strangest thing your child has ever left behind?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



  1. Melpub

    I miss our seventeen-year-old, who is doing a gap year in China and learning Chinese . . . but do I miss his massive piles of laundry? Do I miss “Mom!! WHERE ARE MY SOCKS???” Not exactly . . ..

  2. Krysten

    They didn’t have textbooks when I was in university! I would have definitely used them if they had. My books were so expensive. I remember coming back after my last semester at uni, I felt accomplished. Congrats to him!

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