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The Official LEGO® Channel

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It’s no secret we’re huge LEGO® fans over here. We have them in the living and in bedrooms. It’s a rare birthday that doesn’t include at least on LEGO® set!

The other day when the little kids were at school Tilly (14) took over the LEGO® table and re-created Jurassic Park. She had the control room…011713_9307 blog

One of the electric Jeeps that drove around the park, complete with: Ian Malcolm, Ed Regis, John Hammond, Alan Grant, Lex and Timmy. 011713_9315 blog

And here we have Ellie Sattler, Gennaro and Harding checking on the stegosaurus.011713_9321 blog

And my personal favorite (LEGO® creation, not character) Nedry complete with pizza, beer and his bottle of shaving cream!

The amount of detail she put into this was amazing! When she didn’t have a piece she needed, she improvised, something I *love* about open-ended toys. Right now as I  type, five of my children are caught up in their LEGO world, discussing whether or not to call 911 (inspired by the LEGO® ambulance Jubilee got for her last birthday).

I’ve blogged recently about movie watching – how it was a necessity for a while with Apollo. Sometimes to keep him still while tube feeding, we watch short YouTube videos on my iPad. His feedings only last about ten to fifteen minutes, and this way we don’t have to begin a full-length movie- plus it’s been a lifesaver during hospital waits. While YouTube itself can be great, it’s obviously not something you want your kids to have free-range of!

Enter: The Official LEGO® Channel.

My children love LEGO® and love videos. Combine the two and they are sure to please.

What I like so much about the LEGO® Channel is my children can go and watch a variety of videos (from fan made movies to official episodes) and it’s all safe. LEGO is committed to keeping the content clean and child friendly. Mordecai, Hezekiah and Tucker were all more than happy to sit down and help me come up with our very own LEGO Channel Playlist. I really like the LEGO® Stories and the fan videos, while the little boys enjoy the Chima and Hero Factory episodes.

The best part about  the LEGO® Channel is it has inspired Judah (15) and Enoch (12) to create their very own LEGO® videos. I’ll be posting some of those on the blog and Facebook soon. It has been great to see how much they’re learning from cinematography to screenwriting to adding sound effects. Enoch has had his entire bedroom set up to meticulously film scenes with his LEGO®. Do have any idea how much time it takes to film a short LEGO® video? It is simply mind-boggling.

To watch our playlist, click on the link above. To create  your own, follow these instructions:

LEGO YT - infographic


Thank you to LEGO® and Technorati for being sponsors. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.


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