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California Pizza Kitchen | Happy Food

012713_9468 blog

Yesterday our family attended our very first Starlight Children’s Foundation event. The Starlight Children’s Foundation provides education, entertainment and activities to seriously ill children and their families. The Starlight Children’s Foundation recognizes the strain of a sick child on the entire family and works to bring a little joy and relaxation to everyone. Apollo was approved for the program last fall, but the irony was the very condition that qualified him was the very reason we had to keep him out of public places- so we couldn’t actually attend any events! Everyone was excited about yesterday’s adventure to California Pizza Kitchen.012713_9408 blog

Apollo was completely enthralled with Starry, Starlight’s mascot.012713_9425 blog

California Pizza Kitchen opened its door to us an hour early. First thing on the agenda was making our own pizzas.012713_9423 blog

012713_9434 blogIf you know me well, you know I’m a huge pizza fan! I mean, a huge fan of pizza. Also a fan of huge pizza. You get the idea.

012713_9455 blog

Someone was happy to be out of the house…and not seeing a doctor!012713_9438 blog

After our pizza-making we got a full tour of the kitchen. One of my children pointed out that California Pizza Kitchen uses the exact same storage containers we use! I bet they saw that recent photo of my fridge…012713_9447 blog

The kitchen tour included seeing the oven where our pizzas were being cooked. Awesome!012713_9456 blog

Some of us were a bit excited about our pizzas…012713_9458 blog

Apollo was game to tackle his (cheese-less) pizza…though he really just ate the pepperoni then asked for mine.012713_9463 blog

012713_9464 blog

Thank you so much to the Starlight Children’s Foundation and California Pizza Kitchen for giving our family a fabulous time!

I’m going to save the rest of the day’s adventure for another blog post.

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  1. Christine

    What a nice time!! It’s great to see Apollo enjoying food. God is so good.
    Do you have a post about your kitchen set up and pantry. Also how do you plan a menu? And do you have a favorite cookbook/books? Thank you for sharing your life and family with us.

  2. missy steiger

    What a fun adventure for your kids. So delighted to see Apollo looking so healthy and happy. Keeping your family in my prayers.

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