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The Life-Changing Fear of Maggots (and Tarantulas)

Mordecai loves to cuddle up with his kitten Esme.
The Life-Changing Fear of Maggots (and Tarantulas)

Fun things that are happening around here! A couple of weeks ago a certain 8-year-old (who shall remain nameless) developed a sudden, overwhelming terror of maggots. Yes, maggots.

Here’s the thing about maggots, my friends, they are small and yes, they could be hiding practically anywhere in your house.

Duma the cat eats a squirrel.

Avi’s cat, Duma, devours a squirrel.

Are there maggots downstairs?


Are there maggots under the couch?

Theoretically possible.

Are there maggots in your food? I certainly hope not, but it’s been known to happen.

In fact…once upon a time, in the boys’ room I watched (and don’t you dare tell Apollo) our cat vomit up a mouse that was full of live maggots. How does that even happen??? I mean, he must have eaten an already- dead, maggot-filled mouse…right?

So see, they can be anywhere.

Yeah, you could say a fear of maggots can be rather life-changing. Once the Fear of Maggots is in your brain, it’s hard to shake…so, that’s fun.

Apollo loves to spread out his organized lego bricks to play.

Apollo is serious about his LEGO building…and yes, the bins are maggot-free

And to add to the “joy” the same child is suddenly afraid of tarantulas.

Now, my friends, while maggots thrive practically anywhere, tarantulas are not known to roam our corner of the Pacific Northwest…unless they are kept as pets, a fact I shared with my dear son. Does that matter to a kid suddenly afraid of them?

Not even a little bit.

Anxiety is a real beast.

Mordecai loves to cuddle up with his kitten Esme.

In other news…Mordecai is what we affectionately call a Crazy Cat Man. He loves cats and was recently given this sweet little kitten he named Esme. He loves to curl up with her…I hope for his sake she stays this chill and affectionate.

School starts in two days….so we are getting a million and one things in order for that. Our days are suddenly shorter and cooler and we are all reminded that endless summers simply don’t exist.

Has school started for you yet? Are you anticipating or dreading it? For me, it’s definitely a little of both…


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