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Missoula Children’s Theater 2010 {The Tortoise Vs. the Hare}

The Tortoise Vs. the Hare

20100820_4870 blog
My five your thespians prepare for their first performance.

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If you haven’t heard of the Missoula Children’s Theater, you should check them out. They run week long camps here in the summer. The children audition on Monday morning, get assigned parts before lunch, practice all week and then put on two performances on Saturday.

20100821_4888 blog
Jubilee (7), the cutest member of Curly’s fan club! 

20100821_4898 blog
Tilly (12) in the drama troupe

20100821_4900 blog
Enoch (10) as Curly Hare  

20100821_4909 blog
Kalina (9) as Frank Ferret 

20100821_4913 blog


20100821_4917 blog
Judah (13) Ralphie 

All the children had a wonderful time. The best part about having five children in a play is, you’re almost always assured to have at least one child on stage throughout the performance.

{An note on the photos: I decided to use Tilly’s camera so I didn’t have to lug my big camera bag around since I had Apollo. I knew from last year that my Speedlite would be of no use, so I put Tilly’s camera in auto…or so I thought. When I put my photos on the computer, 95% of them have so much motion blur you can’t even make them out…instead of putting the camera in auto, I shut off the flash!…oops. So disappointing, but at least I have some photos…}

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