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My Life as a Bad Movie

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You probably remember last week’s Sunday Excitement when I had to make a  quick exit from church with kids…Then there was the Series of Unfortunate Events that happened when Apollo was a baby. I just literally shuddered as I re-read that. You would think by now I would have given up…

Church went fine and dandy yesterday. Chuck left early on in the service to tube-feed Apollo. The other children were well-behaved. The serviced ended and the children were happy to snack on the doughnuts provided. We loaded up in the van and stopped for fuel. We were a little more than halfway home when Apollo announced that he had to go pee. His bladder was understandably full after the feeding and our arrival home was delayed by the gas stop. Apollo got more and more frantic and Chuck decided to pull off  the highway onto a side road. We live in a rural area and he knew this would likely afford us privacy. When he turned down the road, a full-sized van turned behind us as well. Chuck kept driving (and Apollo kept squirming) until he turned onto another road. Chuck pulled safely to the side of the road and Enoch got out with Apollo so he could relieve himself into ditch. There was no one in sight. Enoch and Apollo were positioned between the van and the ditch. All was well until the white van turned on to the road just behind us….slowly passed us by (chuckling at the sight of Apollo relieving himself) and pulled into the driveway just ten feet in front of our van. We were just discussing the irony of stopping in front of the very driveway the van needed access to, when it slowly pulled out and turned around. This time, the van full of (as my children called them) “middle-aged ladies” smiled and waved enthusiastically like old friends as they drove past us. Like we had just made their day.


I have no idea where the white van full of ladies was headed. I have no idea why they turned down the same road we did…and into the driveway directly ahead of us. I have no idea why they found Apollo  peeing into a ditch so inspiring. I have no idea why I’m telling all of this to you.

And I have no idea why my life always plays out like a bad movie.




  1. Anna

    The ladies were probably all remembering the time when they had to pull over with their own adorable three year old… Really, there isn’t anything cuter than a curly-haired three year old 😀

  2. Ruth

    Maybe they were part of a carpool of vans and thought they were suppose to follow you. Only to find out you were simply a family with a little boy who needed to pee.

  3. Elizabeth

    Haha, what a queer story. About the blog name, I think you might regret not changing the name, for the reasons you already gave for changing it. People often don’t like change, but this change makes sense to me. Having a professional site for your photography business seems like a good idea, and having a easier/shorter name for your separate life blog makes sense as well.

  4. Davene Grace

    Such a funny story!! (For those of us reading it, who didn’t have to sit there with a red face while Apollo finished his business…) 😉

    About the blog name… Whew! It sure is interesting to read through the responses you’ve gotten. Reminds me of that old saying about how opinions are like noses: everybody’s got one! 🙂

    Honestly, Renee, you could call your blog Stupid Old Blog, and I would still read it! I understand that might not draw many new readers though. 😉 But there are MANY of us who are loyal to you and your blog and your family, no matter what name you choose. 🙂

    I think for me, as I analyze the blogs that I’m drawn to, the way a blog LOOKS is more important than the name. That first glance can either draw in or push away.

    Whatever you choose, I look forward to the things you have in mind; and I will continue to enjoy reading about the funny–and not-so-funny–things that happen in your corner of the world! 🙂

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