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Never Put Off Until Tomorrow…What You Can Put Off for Even Longer

Avi and Apollo chilling in the truck.

November 2017.

I promised myself I would stop procrastinating just as soon as I got home from New Zealand. Kalina (the source of transportation for her siblings while I was gone) got her driver’s license just six days before I left. It was stressful. It was horrible.

I promised myself never again.

Jubilee is way too cool for the DOL

Well, guess what? Jubilee is now a licensed driver and I am not heading to New Zealand in six days. So, I’m going to call that a win.


Before you send me a Most Improved medal for Former Procrastinator let me confess. She took both her written and driving test the day before her permit expired. But, as I told her, she got her license with hours to spare before her permit expired at midnight.

No sweat.

Jubilee is now a licensed driver!

She has even already taken her first solo drive…which, let’s be honest, is always terrifying. Especially since she doesn’t have a cell phone (because apparently, we raise our teens like its 1985). No need to worry, my friends, she will be getting a parent-issued flip phone soon. And yes we are taking cash donations.

Avi and Apollo chilling in the truck.

Avi took this adorable selfie when we picked up Apollo from school. Sorry, Avi, if you are going to look this darn cute I am going to post your photo.

How to organize cats and boys.

I fell in love with these built-in shelves as soon as we moved into our house. Recently I have found they are perfect for organizing our cats and boys….along with our library books.

Mordecai holding his cat, Esme, in a sling.

And speaking of cats.

The other day Mordecai was trying to pour his cereal with his cat in his arms. Let me just say, it went exactly as well as you would expect it to go (and for the record, our cats are not allowed in the kitchen). I heard Mordecai say, “I need a sling”.

So, I grabbed the sling I bought 18 years ago when I was pregnant with Kalina. The same sling I carried Mordecai in as a baby. I set him up, helped him get the cat settled, and within two minutes she was happily snoozing in the sling.

African American boy holding doll in sling.

Mordecai is not new to slings…after all, I have this photo circa 2006 where he has a doll sling while he sews.

Welp. That pretty much sums up spring break so far…How are you doing?



  1. erin

    I’m curious about the driving process where you are. In NSW, Australia it is rigourous. My son is about to do his driving test. So when he turned 16 he was eligible to go for his learner drivers license. This involved sitting a multiple choice test on the computer. He then had to do 120 hours of supervised driving (supervised by us), including 20 night hours. We had to sign off a variety of skills. He was able to reduce the required hours by doing a safe driving course, and having some lessons with an instructor. Once he reached this, and had been driving for 12 months he was eligible to do the driving test to get his provisional driving license. Today he did his Hazard Perception Test which he was required to do prior to doing the test – this is a computer test to check he is able to identify a hazard on the road he might need to take evasive action to avoid. Once he has passed the driving test he will be on his Red P plates for 12 months, which limits what he can do, and how fast he can go. After that he will have his green P plates for 2 years, which also has restrictions. Some of the restrictions for P plates includes how many people he can have in the car after 10pm, how much alcohol can be consumed (zero for red at least), etc.
    Just think how many hours that would be for all your kids! You’d be driving at a restricted speed for years!

    • Renee

      Wow. My kids may never get a license if we had to do all that! They have to take Driver’s Ed which is (at least) $450, have 50 hours of driving practice, then pass a written and skills test. Kids cannot drive anyone under 18, without an adult present, unless they are siblings, for the first six months.

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