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Spring Break at Whatcom Falls Pump Track

Jubilee glaring at the camera.

This weekend, the first (and only) weekend of spring break, I took my children to Whatcom Falls Park not once…but TWICE. So clearly I am working toward earning some amazing Mother’s Day Swag. I didn’t even realize this pump track existed until last year. Now it is a favorite for my boys, in particular.

Whatcom Falls pump course. Bike course in Bellingham,

Tucker at the Whatcom Falls Pump Track.

Tucker has always been an active thrill seeker and adrenaline junkie.

Mordecai at the Whatcom Falls Pump Track.

Mordecai has always been fearless. At age 5, while riding a tricycle, he told me, “Mama, when I grow up I want to ride a motorcycle and jump over something…like maybe fire!”

Apollo riding his bike at the Whatcom Falls pump track.

And Apollo? He learned to ride his bike much later than his siblings. While they spent their preschool years playing outside, building forts with blocks, pillows, and books, Apollo was undergoing way too many surgeries, medical procedures, and hospital visits.

But at eight? He is strong and healthy and doing great.

Apollo strapping on his helmet at Whatcom Falls.

By the way, he is still wearing the Primary tank tops I bought him last summer. Primary for the win!

Kalina is embracing her identity as Skater Girl. She loves riding her longboard.

Over the past year, Kalina has gotten very into longboarding. She recently bought her first longboard (she had been using a friend’s) and is embracing her inner Skater Girl. Kalina has always been athletically inclined. The first time she ever went ice skating, someone approached her about joining his hockey team.

No joke.

I love the ferns of the Pacific Northwest.

One of the many things I love about the Pacific Northwest is the beautiful ferns. My love for ferns is right up there with my love for banana slugs.  And other slugs.A beautiful macro image of a slug in the Pacific Northwest.

I mean seriously, look at this beauty!

Whatcom falls park.

Apollo loves exploring the trails on his bike.

Apollo riding his bike over the bridge at Whatcom Falls Park.

Apollo riding his bike over the bridge at Whatcom Falls Park.

Moss…have I mentioned I really love moss too? When we first moved to Bellingham, Chuck really wanted me to plant a garden. We lived in a small rental, so a vegetable garden wasn’t an option. After doing some research (this was 1999, so I did my research from books…at the library) I told him I was willing to plant a moss garden. Flowers really are not my thing.

Apparently, moss isn’t Chuck’s thing…so the garden never got planted.

Giant Great Dane at Whatcom Falls Park.

Jubilee and Avi were mortified when I started taking pictures of this GIANT GREAT DANE. I tried to appease them by asking the dog owner if I could take pictures (she said yes, and asked me to snap a few on her phone)…somehow this embarrassed them more. Oh well, I’m glad I captured this.

Jubilee looking over the bridge at Whatcom Falls park.

Jubilee admiring the falls.

Jubilee at Whatcom Falls Park.

Jubilee and I took a leisurely stroll around the park…

Jubilee falling at Whatcom Falls Park.

…and then this happened.


Jubilee smiling at the camera.

Look at Jubilee’s dimple! She only has one and I love it.

Jubilee at Whatcom Falls Park.

Jubilee at Whatcom Falls Park.

Jubilee glaring at the camera.

Jubilee posing with leading lines against a wall.

Macro images of plants in spring.

I hope your spring break is relaxing, fun, and full of slugs, moss, and ferns!



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