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Lucky Number Seven is on the Way!

Judah and Celeste pregnancy announcement

Yes, it’s true my friends, grandbaby number seven is on the way. He or she will grace us with his/her presence in December! Chuck and I could not be more excited. And yes, in case you are wondering, grandbaby #7 is indeed just as exciting as numbers 1-6 🙂

Pregnancy announcement for Lucky #7

Thankfully, Judah and Celeste enjoy getting their picture taken so I got to capture some fun photos for their social media announcement. They took me out for a Mother’s Day lunch and presented me with a basket filled with tea, a card, and a mug that read, #1 Grandma…

“Is this an announcement?” I asked…afraid to get my hopes up…after all, I am already the Number One Grandma

Their excited grins convinced me that yes, this was indeed an announcement.

Judah and Celeste pregnancy announcement.

Don’t Judah and Celeste make a beautiful couple? You can see their engagement photos here.

Celeste is the first child to get married in her family. Our Lucky Number Seven will be her parents’ first grandchild. I think it is safe to say Lucky Number Seven will be one of the most loved babies on the planet. I mean you don’t end up with fourteen kids because you hate babies…

Judah and Celeste pregnancy annoucement with man crying.

Don’t mind the “tears” in this photo. Judah was just goofing off as usual. Judah will be our first son to give us a grandchild which is, obviously, a different experience than my daughters giving birth. Judah is absolutely giddy about the idea of becoming a dad.

Judah and Celeste pregnancy announcement.
Judah and Celeste pregnancy announcement in the woods.
Judah and Celeste pregnancy accouncement.
Beautiful Celeste posing in the woods.

Beautiful Celeste…you are glowing already!


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