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Mobi Zippee Toy Review: Sensory Play for Babies

Mobi Zippee toy is perfect for babies.
Baby sensory play is an important part of brain development

Sensory Play Develops Neural Pathways in Your Baby’s Brain

Did you know sensory play for babies helps develop neural pathways in a baby’s brain? This is one of the main reasons that babies stick everything in their mouths. Sensory play is something your baby will be engaged in whether or not you do anything special so there is no reason to stress out about it. But here are some fun ideas if you find yourself wanting to do intentional sensory play with your baby.

I was sent this Mobi Zippee for review purposes. I have received no compensation for this post. Post may contain affiliate links.

The Mobi Zippee toy is a perfect sensory seeking toy for babies.

Mobi Zippee Sensory Toy

I recently received this Mobi Zippee sensory toy from Timberdoodle to review with my granddaughter. She was delighted the moment she saw it. The Mobi Zippee is made of soft, BPA-free food-grade silicon. It is soft and chewy and perfect for little teething gums. The body of the toy is soft and has holes which makes it easy for baby to grab from almost any direction.

Babies love to chew on the Mobi Zippee silicon straps.

The best part about the Mobi Zippee is the six silicon pulls. My granddaughter loves to get her chubby little hands on All Things Dangerous like electrical cords, string, and yarn. Thankfully the Mobi Zippee has six built-in safe-for-baby cords. Each pull cord has a different design and texture. As the baby pulls each silicon cord it makes a sound. Because they all have a different texture, each cord makes a different sound. This is perfect because one of my granddaughter’s favorite toys is my knitting tape measure. She loves to pull the measuring tape out and hear the clickclickclick. The Mobi Zippee is a much safer alternative. Safer for my granddaughter and for my knitting.

This is hands down one of my granddaughter’s top 3 favorite toys.

Ideas for Sensory Play with Babies

My first baby taught me so much about minimalism.
My very first baby at 9 months old. Circa 1996

When my oldest, Iris, was a baby I washed out an old baby wipe container and filled it with fabric swatches. There was corduroy, silky fabric, flannel, and cotton. She loved emptying and refilling the container. The textures led to natural vocabulary such as smooth, scratchy, rough, etc.

Iris was obsessed with pretending to be the Statue of Liberty
Iris as a toddler. She was obsessed with the Statue of Liberty and loved to pretend to be the statue.

When she was a toddler I bought a large bag of beans and put them in a dishpan for her. Playing with those beans was one of her favorite activities. I would bury toys in it, and give her cups and spoons to scoop and pour. The entire set-up was less than $10. Yes, she made a mess, but I simply vacuumed it up when she was finished and called it good.

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